iSuppli: Global personal computer shipments to rise 4.3 percent in 2009; propelled by notebooks

“Global PC shipments for consumer and business use will be up 4.3 percent in 2009, largely propelled by notebook purchases, reported Matthew Wilkins, principal analyst, compute platforms at iSuppli,” Paul Weinberg reports for eChannelLine.

“This is a drop from the research organization’s previous forecast of 11.9 per cent for PCs next year, made before the full impact of the current financial crisis,” Weinberg reports.

“Wilkins attributed the slippage in PC shipments in general to the diminishing availability of credit from banks to businesses, especially in the U.S.,” Weinberg reports.

“In contrast, notebook shipments will grew by 15 percent next year because of aggressive pricing — where these machines will see their cost cut by 10 percent — stated Wilkins,” Weinberg reports.

MacDailyNews Note: ChangeWave: 33% of notebook buyers, 27% of desktop buyers plan to buy Apple Mac in next 90 days – November 10, 2008

Weinberg continues, “Wilkins noted that a 4.3 percent growth rate for PCs is not bad considering the possibility that people will stop spending in a host of product categories because of the insecurity and uncertainly in the present climate. ‘We still see that this is a market where there is demand as a result of the fact that the PC is now such an important part of the life of a consumer and as a tool for a business.'”

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  1. Changewave’s surveys are unreliable for absolute percentages and numbers. They are only good for long-term trend analysis.

    And, remember Changewave’s surveys were the ones that Katie Huberty cited as the reason for her downgrading Apple twice in a week, last quarter. Then Changewave’s Paul Carton had the gall to write a blog patting himself on the back for predicting Apple’s weak guidance for the Xmas quarter.

    I would NOT be citing Changewave as a source at MDN.

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