Black Friday: 50% discount at ScreenCastsOnline

ScreenCastsOnline is participating in the Black Friday frenzy by offering a 50% discount to all new ScreenCastsOnline Extra! members joining today. Creating Mac-based tutorials on the Internet since launching in 2005, ScreenCastsOnline has established itself as a favourite with many thousands of Mac users throughout the world.

Each weekly tutorial is created as a screencast – a high resolution video captures of the mac desktop, narrated by the UKs Don McAllister, with his own unique laid back delivery and easy to follow approach to teaching mac software. Delivered via iTunes or downloaded from the members site, each tutorial is yours to keep and watch as many times as you like.

Suitable for all levels of Mac users, the tutorials cover all aspects of using a Mac – from using Leopard, to Apples own iLife and iWork applications, to best of class third party mac software applications and web services.

ScreenCastsOnline Extra! Membership Benefits include:
• A brand new video tutorial every week for six months
• ScreenCastsOnline is participating in the Black Friday frenzy by offering a 50% discount
• Choice of resolutions available – HD, Apple TV, iPod and iPhone
• Full chapter marks for easy navigation
• Immediate access to a huge library of over 170+ tutorials
• Download or Stream library tutorialsto your desktop
• DRM free videos – you keep what you download
• No risk – To remain a member after six months you opt in!
• Just a single payment for the full six months
• Access to the ScreenCastsOnline Extra! members website
• Access to the ScreenCastsOnline Extra! members RSS feeds

All for 50% off the usual membership fee of $57 – Just use the coupon code BLACK08 to receive 50% discount when registering.

Topics Recently Covered:
MobileMe, OSX Speech technologies, Pages 08, Dropbox, Mac Hints & Tips, Mailtags, Pixelmator, Circus Ponies Notebook, iMovie 08, Numbers, Backing up your Mac, Leech, Keynote 08, TextExpander, Time Capsule, Bento, ATV Flash, Evernote, Fluid … and many, many more. Check out the full list of tutorials and get a full description of becoming a ScreenCastsOnline Extra! member by clicking the link below.

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  1. @Macintosher

    This is a great deal! Macs are easy, but they’re still computers. ScreenCast Online does more than tell you how to use your mac. They also teach you about using 3rd party software that you’re likely to buy to use on your mac. They also go into details about setting up ‘systems’ on your mac that users should be aware of to get the most out of their mac. Things like setting up a full backup system.

    Or even getting the most out of the apps that are included on your mac that most users overlook, like Automator. Not to mention teaching you about new features that are added to apps with os updates. For example the Preview app in Leopard is much richer than the Preview app in Tiger or Panter. I never got into using Preview in earlier os versions, but having a detailed video on it’s new features, has got me using it again.

    So when you can get info like this delivered to your door for only $28.50USD you jump at it. SCO also has a free podcast that’s a subset of what the paid members get. Go to iTunes and check it out if you question the value of this deal.

  2. Signed up thru paypal. Took my money sent me an email that I confirmed. I Still have no access. I asked that my password be resent, I opened the linked page but no access beyond that page. My user name and password are invalid…. nice job??

  3. I subscribed to the free version of Screencasts from iTunes for a little while a few years ago and promptly stopped when Don when into his money grubbing ways.

    Don failed to create a viable business model for his work and resorted to begging. I have completely abandoned SCO and recommend that you do too.

  4. @Robert Evans

    Actually, I kinda see your point. The manual for a Mac is readable enough and this seems like a way of getting money for pointing out the obvious. If you really don’t get Mac then the Apple Support website is also excellent and most software vendors have increasingly concise and reliable help websites. So there’s really no need to spend hard-earned cash on what could be done for free. Seems to me that it’s unnecessary and wasteful. If anyone disagrees with me, then I won’t stop you from buying this, but be warned: the internet contains free and less doubtful information!


    If you don’t mind, this is not something I want, and I was merely voicing an opinion, as backed up above. Now if you want this, go ahead… but there’s plenty of freeware to experiment with, so I don’t know why I’d go into the commitment of buying non-Apple software for my Mac when I could fiddle with some freeware… for free, and not buy additional information just to have to make something pay for itself. If the software can’t be used easily, don’t buy! Surely someone wrote a review…?

    @Don McAllister

    Sorry if I offend you by not buying your ScreenCastsOnline, but I really don’t need it, as detailed above. The issues mentioned by 3rdKidney are easily dealt with by my experience, so I don’t really need your tools at present, especially not in a recession. Please don’t take offence, but it is merely an opinion. I hope you understand.

  5. Just to clarify, by using the words “manual” or “help”, I mean all the relevant paper and online documentation, most of which is free when read at the official source.

  6. Why all the bad mojo? This guy basically repackages info (at worst) or offers new explanatory information (at best) for a fee to those folks who learn better by watching examples rather than reading help files or a book.

    It’s a viable value-add business model. What’s the problem with that? To call him “money-grubbing” smacks more of “I wish I had thought of this” than a studied business critique. There is a lot worse to be had on the internet. At least he’s servicing an actual need out there (as evidenced by his longevity).


  7. @Geoff

    Well, I was new to Mac once, and I must say that, although I did have to adapt from Windows to a totally new environment, I never needed to pay for any support.

    If you really need to talk to someone, you can chat over the phone within three months of purchase, and that’s free if it’s an incident. So really, new users don’t need this rip-off (in my opinion).

    If you think you need it, go ahead… I’m not stopping you but warning you…

  8. Actually, I forget to mention that it wasn’t entirely new because I got a glimpse in the perverted, copycat Windows ethics. Albeit an upside-down, back-to-front and horribly insecure glimpse.

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