Study: RIM BlackBerries, Palm Treos had more than twice the rate of malfunctions as Apple iPhone

“Research in Motion’s ubiquitous BlackBerry smart phone had more than twice the rate of malfunctions in the first year of ownership compared with Apple Inc.’s iPhone,” Jeff Bounds reports for The San Francisco Business Times.

“That is according to a study by SquareTrade Inc., a San Francisco-based online retailer of extended warranties for electronics and appliances, of 15,000 phones produced by Cupertino-based Apple Inc., Research in Motion and Palm Inc.,” Bounds reports.

Bounds reports, “The study examined failure rates in iPhones, BlackBerrys and Treos covered by SquareTrade ‘care plans.’ It found the iPhone had a failure rate of 5.6 percent in its first year of ownership, compared with 11.9 percent for BlackBerrys and 16.2 percent for the Treo.”

“SquareTrade is an independent third party and has no affiliation with any of the handset manufacturers cited in the study,” Bounds reports.

Bounds reports, “Requests for comment from Research in Motion and Palm were not successful. In an e-mail, an Apple spokeswoman said the iPhone ‘ranked highest in overall customer satisfaction’ in a study by J.D. Power and Associates.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “J. H.” for the heads up.]

[UPDATE: 6:10pm ET: Changed headline from “Study: Apple iPhones more than twice as reliable as RIM BlackBerries, Palm Treos” as per comments below.]


  1. The new Storm will even be worse. The huge gap surrounding that primitive all screen button is going to be a junk magnet. Its going to get mucked up quick, and no way for the user to clean what crud gets in there.

  2. Didn’t we already see this ‘study’ a week or two ago?

    New Storm will be a mess. I tried one out on Monday and it took 4 times for the sales guy to show me how the screen ‘flips’ to landscape before it actually did. The screen is very nice, but the RIM graphics for the buttons are absolutely terrible. OH ya, the sales guy also took a pair of tweezers out to ‘pick out” some fuzz that had gotten lodged between the screen and the side. He said it isn’t any big deal and it would work just fine even if the fuzz was there- but it looked nicer without the fuzz… Some sales pitch.

  3. Jon Bendtsen: This MAY also be because people who buy iPhones are buying themselves, but they are issued a blackberry/palm by their work, where they dont have to pay if it is broken. The private stuff they have to pay themselves.

    That should not be a factor in a survey done by an insurer as this one has been. If you’ve got insurance for a defect (extended warranty), you’ll most likely claim it regardless whether private or work.

  4. Interesting, but I’d like to see the figures for 2 and 3 years of ownership as well (real figures, not “data projections”).

    Nothing annoyed me more than when my previous phone (a V3 RAZR) failed to even last the length of the initial contract I signed up for with it.

  5. My iPhone is a beast ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” /> I’ve dropped on asphalt, my two year old has slobbered all over it, and my four year old covered it in PB&J;, and it’s never had an issue. I use it nearly as much as my macbook.

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