Hack enables Street View on Apple iPod touch

“When Apple released the iPhone and iPod touch 2.2 firmware last Friday, iPod touch users quickly discovered that the Google Street View feature didn’t appear on the iPod touch,” Justin Berka reports for Ars Technica.

“Of course, leaving out features on a device like the iPod touch tends to cause the iPhone hacking community to do everything in its power to get them back, so it’s no surprise that iPod touch fans have already found a way to get Street View working again,” Berka reports.

“There’s already a jailbreaking tool available for the 2.2 firmware, and it just so happens that the Street View functionality can only be enabled if you’re using a jailbroken touch,” Berka reports.

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  1. I tried Street View. It was fun. That is if you like to look at outdated photos of places that most of the us don’t live in.

    True, New York was interesting and Paris too. However, a lot more locations have yet to come. Much like Google Earth. It gets better all the time, but it still is limited.

    Now of course, I have an iPhone 3G, so I don’t have to have Wi-Fi, something the iPod Touch requires. Between my home, clients, University, certain coffee shops my access to Wi-Fi is rather significant. That with 3G, my ability to connect and use Street View on the fly so to speak is quite extensive. Unlike the range and scope that my son has with his iPod Touch.

  2. Street View may have its limited use but I still find it quite amazing that you get all this in a cell phone. 2 years ago if you saw this in a movie, it would have been considered science fiction. Apple made it science fact.

  3. “Everything in its Power”?

    Oh please, it’s a Street View! When the hacking community gets really motivated then you’ll see serious consequences. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

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