Acclivity buys MYOB

Today Acclivity, current US distributor of MYOB software, announced it has acquired MYOB US Inc. and its Mac and PC development team from MYOB Limited of Australia. Acclivity will now drive global development of MYOB’s Mac OS business management products – FirstEdge, AccountEdge and AccountEdge Network Edition.

Acclivity will continue to enhance and deliver these products to its US customers. Acclivity will also develop the Mac OS products for MYOB who will be its exclusive republisher in Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

Additionally, Acclivity’s new development team will continue to develop the Windows product line for their US customer base.

“This deal delivers benefits to our customers on several fronts,” said Scott Davisson, Acclivity Managing Partner, in the press release. “First and foremost, it allows us to author the product roadmap for our US customers on Mac and Windows. We think they’ll be thrilled with the product direction in the coming years.”

“We’ll also be able to assert our Mac focus by building great solutions for small businesses that use Macs; an often underserved group,” Davisson said.

“This deal also allows us the flexibility to enter markets outside of the US,” added Tom Nash, Acclivity Managing Partner, in the press release. “We’re now free to explore how we will bring AccountEdge back to Canada. By popular demand, I might add.”

Current MYOB US customers, as well as Australian and New Zealand Mac customers, will continue to use the same products and have access to the same support resources to which they’ve grown accustomed. “There will be no customer disruption,” Nash said.

Acclivity develops, sells and supports award-winning small business accounting and management software for Macintosh and Windows platforms. Acclivity also offers a portfolio of business services that help small business owners to better serve the needs of their customers, their employees, and themselves. For more information, visit Acclivity’s website ” target=”_blank”>here.

More info about MYOB here.


  1. What they *need* to do is make a file conversion utility that can take your QuickBooks file and convert it to MYOB. The importer they have now is completely useless.

    I would switch to MYOB in a flash, because Intuit offers **no** free support. I just (reluctantly) bought QB 2009 and it could not convert my QB 2005 file like it said in the box. Instead, it just crashed. No error trapping/messages, just a crash. Intuit wanted $79 just to ask them for help. Figured out a way to get around that by using another machine. And then their Layout Designer for the invoices would instantly crash if you tried to make a text box. Console reported the error – and from the message it’s Intuit’s poor programming as the cause. But $79 if you want to talk to someone about THEIR error. Did manage to talk to someone at no charge. That didn’t solve the problem, but the tech insisted that because the program works on his machine that it must be a problem with mine or my file. Odd, they have just now publicly admitted that it is a bug and will be issuing a patch.

    Intuit appears to hold their Mac users in contempt and the disrespect they show to paying customers is pathetic. And their demands for $79 each time one of their BUGS becomes apparent borders on extortion. This has gone on since time began with them; I had similar problems/issues with the last one.

    If anyone out there is considering buying an accounting program (and is not already roped into the Hotel California called QuickBooks), I can say this – DON’T BUY IT. MYOB can’t be any worse, and might even be better. Intuit will never change their ways until the market teaches them a lesson.

  2. Why should Canada trust these guys again. They left us high and dry once before and there was no willingness to even discuss other options. They simply said good bye and tough luck.

    Today, there are other options with suppliers who seem to care a little about their customers.

    They still owe us from the first raid into Canada.

  3. Don’t overstate here. QuickBooks on Windows sucks! It should be called SlowBooks. It also really sucks that there is almost zero compatibility between the Mac & Windows products. No multi-user for Macs!? Why would anyone, including MYOB, make two similar products that can’t talk to each other? It can’t possibly be easier or cheaper to maintain and support two entirely separate codebases and databases to perform the same functions! There are quite a few cross-platform development environments available, why not choose one? There are also several excellent cross-platform databases available (most of them open-source!). If you don’t need multi-user support, try SimpleBooks Pro. It’s very nice, Mac only, and it FREE.

  4. >”Current MYOB US customers…will continue to use the same products and have access to the same support resources to which they’ve grown accustomed.”

    Since all their support options cost money, I have grown accustomed to not using it.

  5. iBank is no substitute for quickbooks for a small business…

    I bought QB 2009 and have had a number of issues, but suprisingly when I emailed tech support, they responded and have been working with me on resolution… that said, still have the issue today, but, they never asked for money and I don’t expect them to.

    Looks to be a decent release, it everything works properly.

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