Target, GAP launch their first Apple iPhone apps in time for Christmas

“If the down economy is affecting experimental ad budgets, it doesn’t seem to be the case for both Target and Gap, which are launching their very first iPhone applications just in time for the holidays. Tina Unterlaender, who is the management supervisor for the mobile division of AKQA, which led the development of the apps, said it was the exact opposite: ‘They said we got to have that. It’s true [that some may be cutting back], but others that believe in trying new things, are continuing,'” Tricia Duryee reports for

“Unterlaender said the iPhone quickly became the No. 1 device that was accessing Target’s mobile site, so they wanted something specific for the holiday season—an app that helps you come up with gift ideas. Once the app is downloaded, you pick male or female and an age range. Then you shake the phone to come up with a potential gift idea. At this point, the screen looks like a snow globe with white flakes falling to reveal a yoga mat or ornament. Take it a step further, and you can buy the gift on or find a nearby store that has the item in stock. Using your address book, you can also identify someone that you want to give the item to,” Duryee reports.

“Ronnie Liew from the agency showed off the Gap app. First, the app features six music videos which are reproduced carols like ‘Jingle Bells’ performed by Flo Rida and Trey Songz, or ‘We 3 Kingz,’ performed by Jason Biggs, Romany Malco and Freddy Rodriguez. The videos can be sent to friends via e-mail. The second feature allows you to mix and ‘not’ match clothing on a male and female model with a flick of the finger,” Duryee reports. “Pick outfits for the models using scarves and hats, and then you can click to buy the items.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “James W.” for the heads up.]


  1. It’s interesting in the sense that other corporations are recognising the ‘perceived’ type of customers that Apple enjoys. You know, those who might weather the economy a bit better instead of the parent’s basement dwelling bloggers. I think, things like these strengthens a brand further, more so than chatting about it here on MDN.

  2. It also shows that the enterprise big boys are developing iPhone apps in house and promoting them.
    In New Zealand we have one of our major banks who are currently promoting their iPhone banking services on their National Bank iPhone app which you can download from the app store via a direct link on the banks web site. Their TV advert solely focuses on the iPhone.

    The National Bank developed the app in house a few months back
    Linked here

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