Apple debuts new Mac TV ad: ‘The world’s greenest family of notebooks’ (with video)

Apple has debuted a new TV ad which has begun airing on U.S. network television according the MacDailyNews readers.

In the ad, Apple explains that the company’s new MacBooks’ advanced aluminum and glass enclosures are completely recyclable. It’s engineered to be so efficient that it runs on a quarter of the power of a single light bulb. And it’s made without many of the harmful toxins found in many other computers, like mercury.

Apple’s new MacBooks: the world’s greenest family of notebooks.

Direct link to video via YouTube here.

See the video in higher resolution via here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Dan The Man Man” and “Brawndo Drinker” for the heads up.]


  1. @lurker_PC
    Maybe those americans concious of environement and pollution are very few… But don’t go thinking that because of that green notebooks are ment for a niche market! Many people in this world do wish to have their kids and next generations to be abble to live on for few more time on the planet!

  2. I use large number of 1000 w / 2000 w / 5000 w tungsten bulbs daily in my workplace and on occasions a brace of 10,000 watt bulbs – 10 kw at 240v = 41.7 Amps.

    I like to be environmentally friendly at home tho’ so a new MB will be just the ticket.

  3. GREEN is mainstream, folks, not some freaky hippie thing from the 60’s.

    If you doubt it, check the calendar… it’s the 21st Century!

    That’s one dull ad, but it gets the point across.
    BTW, that glossy screen sucks!

  4. This is a step forward. I like the “I´m a Mac” ads, but finally we are seing an ad about the product itself! This can´t be bad! In this first one they are responding to greenpeace and the likes. I think we have more ads in store about Mac´s themselves. They are about to tell a story about Mac´s, and there will be different points to the story as more ads eventually will surface in the time to come. Have faith people ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” /> Anyways, that is what I would do, if I was Apple. A story that unfolds just like the story about “PC” and “Mac”.

  5. Macfabulous…

    It’s amusing, you think this thing is actually supposed to spur sales. This is PR work, and that’s it. Apple knows people wont go out of their way to buy green computers. This is for Greenpeace and all the whiners. Not for consumers.

  6. # Mike – “It’s amusing, you think this thing is actually supposed to spur sales. This is PR work, and that’s it. Apple knows people wont go out of their way to buy green computers. This is for Greenpeace and all the whiners. Not for consumers.”

    What? People is much more into invironmental issues than ever! This is a growd pleaser AND to make the whiners and Greenpeace happy. OFCAUSE this is PR work and therefore will work on the consumers as well! It´s not as simple as you make it to be. Apple needs to spread the word. To consumers and to businesses as well.

  7. xx, you are an idiot. Go back to your windblows hole and stay there.
    This is for all the whiners out there, which BTW don’t practice what they preach Al Gore anyone? I’m into the green thing but I don’t have a jetstream sitting in my back yard.

  8. Actually, the most important part of the commercial is that Apple refers to a “family of notebooks” and not just a single MacBook, thus helping fight the perception that they have a limited product line.

  9. True Apple is responding to Green Peace, but I don’t think that was their main objective.

    The world is changing and ‘green’ is very important. Although the Bush administration ran a number on the scientific community and paid off and/or blackmailed many science organizations into down playing the global warming crisis, that’s going to stop in a few short months. Many Americans know the truth that we really need to approach the global crisis head on.

    Apple knows this too and is responding with this ad. True it was a boring ad, but it’s an important ad. Apple’s competition doesn’t have the full aluminum body laptop, thus this puts Apple ahead of the game, and believe it or not, this will sell more macs. Period.

    It’s a very smart move on Apple’s part to let it’s audience know this about their green laptops and yes, it does matter to a lot of people on the planet. We’ll see more of this across the board in the Obama administration over the coming years and will soon see the brilliance of Apple’s early move into this important field.

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