Woz talks of founding Apple, how Steve Jobs changed the world, iPhone, and more

The BBC’s Spencer Kelly chats with Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak about the company’s early days, what drove him to create, how Steve Jobs changed the world, Google’s Android, vertical integration, why he loves third-party apps on iPhone, and much more.

See the video (12:01) here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Perry” for the heads up.]


  1. Who cares about Woz(other than his friends and family)?
    How is he relevant to Apple and its products now or the past 8 years?

    He’s not.
    It’s great he runs around helping kids in educational settings and is a venture capitalist.
    You want to know more-get “iWoz”.
    Now stop posting crap about him.

  2. To me Woz and Jobs were not unlike Tanzing Norgay and Sir Edmund Hilary. Hilary got all the fame and the photo ops, while Tanzing basically carried him up the hill and allowed the experience to happen to Hilary so he could become ‘the man’. Tanzing is always the background guy; the worker, not the face. No Woz definitely no Jobs. No Jobs, Woz would be at HP or wherever engineering things. They needed each other. Time marches on, for sure, but a debt of gratitude should not be forgotten.

    As for people he denigrate Woz and dismiss him as a has been. Guess it is better to be a has been than a never-will-be. No many people get to say they made a major impact in changing the world for good. So think about what a sad, petty, pissant of a person you are for trying to tear down somebody like Woz (feeling inadequate are we?). Guess having the role model of somebody who changed the world from their garage and gives back to the community isn’t something we should aspire to or venerate?

    And consider: Just were did the Apple philosophy of engineering excellence and ease of use start? Gee, was it with Woz? That’s quite a legacy in itself and one you’d do to remember every time you use an apple device. A culture of engineering excellence is an apple hallmark.

    As a parent, who would I want as a role model for my son: Woz or some over sterioded wrestler or gun toting idiot? Gee…tough call…not…

  3. /* “How is he relevant to Apple and its products now or the past 8 years?” */

    So why do we teach kids about history- Abe Lincoln is not relevant all of a sudden?-

    The founding fathers aren’t relevant?

    Today matters because of what we did yesterday.

  4. I like Woz news – he epitomizes classic nerdliness. It’s refreshing!

    As for the no Woz, no Jobs thing – interesting point, but you misunderestimate Jobs’s ability as a CEO. Jobs, unlike many CEOs, knows Apple’s customers are the people who buy the products. Too many CEOs forget that and start acting like the customers are the stockholders.

    Both made Apple – I’m glad they met ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

  5. @PT,

    “As a parent, who would I want as a role model for my son: Woz or some over sterioded wrestler or gun toting idiot? Gee…tough call…not…”

    As a parent, I choose Woz every time: he’s a thinker, a person who can change the world for the better.

    Great post PT, thanks for taking the time.


  6. Yes, please:


    Apple has of him as much as it has from Steve Jobs. Different doesn’t mean bad. There ARE different. They were also complementary.

    Whatever happened to “Thinking Different?” Well, Woz is a great example of that.

    I like Woz. I admire Woz. I believe everybody should. Personal computers are the way they are thanks to Woz (great suggestion: read “iWoz”), and please realize it’s just not fair to bash him they way some people do.

    Who cares about Woz? Well, I CARE! And I’m sure a lot of people who knows how relevant Woz has been to this industry do as well. And I want to know what he thinks.

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