Woz. Urinal. Segway. (with photo)

What’s possibly one of the greatest photos every taken — or one of the greatest photoshopped images ever produced — has surfaced.

Please tell me this is Photoshopped,” Dr. Macenstein writes. “Actually, don’t. I want this picture to be real so bad it hurts.”

Full article here.

Photo originally via Break.com here.

MacDailyNews Take: We don’t care if it’s real or not, we just want it in poster size!

(We think it’s real, as who would have thought to have photoshopped in the other Segway rider seen in the left foreground? Plus, Woz is whistling! Of course, it could just be noted-prankster Woz joking around with his Segway pals – a real photo, but of a set-up situation. If it’s not a real photo, you’re witnessing the handiwork of pure genius.)


  1. ZachCube

    You took the words right out of my mouth. My 5 year old thinks WALL-E is the greatest movie ever (it was good, but not that good). Nevertheless those images from the movie were the first thing that sprang into my mind after seeing this rather pathetic but funny image.

    It’s almost as if Woz has superglued his feet to his Segway and never bothers to get off and walk. Can anyone say “muscular atrophy”? And BTW, is Kathy Griffin still dating him? Haven’t kept up with the gossip columns. I would think not if he’s affixed to that Segway. (Ewww, now I have this disgusting image of the two of them DOING it on the Segway!) ARRRRGGGGHHHH!


  2. OK – so he’s having a piss. I’d be really mad if somebody took a picture of me doing that.

    And whats with the urinals so close together? I don’t want to see some guy’s big hairy ‘tallywacker’. Can’t they make them further apart? Yuck!

    And how about a nice pic of Queen Elizabeth ‘pinching a loaf’. How nice would that be?

  3. Chrissy One,

    I thought you left us like Ampar, Oh No My Shorts! and Zune Tang.

    I haven’t seen any postings from any of you in a long time.

    ONMS told me he refuses to even read MDN anymore.

    Good to see you’re still alive though.

  4. @Kit-N

    Yeah, good to have Chrissy call in. Zune Tang has been back a few times lately. Not sure what’s happened to Ampar or his various doppelgangers (but I’m sure he’d make some mileage out of that word, in view of what Woz is doing).

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