Woz. Urinal. Segway. (with photo)

What’s possibly one of the greatest photos every taken — or one of the greatest photoshopped images ever produced — has surfaced.

Please tell me this is Photoshopped,” Dr. Macenstein writes. “Actually, don’t. I want this picture to be real so bad it hurts.”

Full article here.

Photo originally via Break.com here.

MacDailyNews Take: We don’t care if it’s real or not, we just want it in poster size!

(We think it’s real, as who would have thought to have photoshopped in the other Segway rider seen in the left foreground? Plus, Woz is whistling! Of course, it could just be noted-prankster Woz joking around with his Segway pals – a real photo, but of a set-up situation. If it’s not a real photo, you’re witnessing the handiwork of pure genius.)


  1. @_Bill_

    I’m not a plumber, but as a lover of the trivial I have seen many such plumbing arrangements in the UK. And of course most UK urinals are automatic flushing ones. I can’t see that this is a fake just because of this.


    And Bill Gates’s head too. Well done, good thinking!

    I don’t think he’s posing.

  2. The Photo is Real but it’s a set-up shot:
    1) look at the angle of Woz in relationship to the wall of Urinals. (he’s at 45 degree angel to it.)
    2) Considering his angle look at the distance (he’s in 3 point land Considering his age it would be more like a half court shot)

    It’s a restroom at one of the parks were Woz’s Segway Polo team plays. I been in that restroom but, can’t remember the park’s name.

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