Google seeks to ink deals with PC box assemblers to preinstall Chrome browser; Mac version due 1H09

“Google reportedly plans to convince computer makers to pre-install its Chrome Web browser on PCs, a move that would escalate the battle against market leader Internet Explorer from Microsoft,” Antone Gonsalves reports for InformationWeek.

“In addition, Sundar Pichai, Google VP of product management, told The Times that the company planned to launch a major marketing push behind Chrome once Google finished with beta testing and launched the final version in January,” Gonsalves reports.

“If successful, such a strategy could help the company boost use of the browser, which currently stands at less than 1% of Web users. Microsoft has more than 70% of the market, while Mozilla’s Firefox has almost 20%,” Gonsalves reports.

MacDailyNews Note: Apple’s Safari is the worlds’ #3 Web browser and currently holds 6.57% market share, according to Net Applications. Chrome is #5 with 0.74% share, just behind #4 Opera’s 0.75%.

Gonsalves continues, “Pichai also said that Google planned to launch versions of Chrome for Linux and Apple’s Mac OS X in the first half of next year. The current version of Chrome only runs on Windows.”

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  1. This is good for Apple. Google want to ensure open standards to guarantee access to its content. And Apple want open standards so their software can compete with PCs and Linux on a level playing field.

  2. It’s also good for propervweb developers. If we can dissuade sheep from using IE then we will eventually abandon making IE fudged stylesheets for our sites and M$ will be forced out of the game.

  3. Internet Explorer works great. Always has. Why do you MAC lemmings insist on moving away from Microsoft’s magnificent innovations?

    I’m a PC.

    Your potential. Our passion.™

  4. They may preinstall it but the people who buy off the shelf PC’s won’t use it.
    1. They tend to like IE since it’s “standard” to the OS.
    2. Many still believe that their OS is “Office”
    3. IE is too heavily embedded in OS.
    4. If they were interested in a better experience, they would have bought a Mac to begin with.

  5. There is a growing controversy over the fact that Google uploads and caches every word of every message written by GMail subscribers. Google even caches messages you compose but never send. And it also caches every message you receive, including mail from non-subscribers. Although Google claims to have no ulterior motive for this clear invasion of privacy (other than optimizing the speed of their system), I personally would like to say that Hell will freeze over before Chrome will be installed on my computers. The problem is not Google’s intentions, which I do believe are benign. The problem is that the U.S. government has already demonstrated its ability to force companies like Google and Yahoo to turn over anything that is asked for. To put it another way, both Yahoo and Google have already demonstrated their unwillingness to stand up to the government’s questionable if not unlawful requests for the personal data of their subscribers. I do not wish to install any software on my computer that caches my keystrokes on Big Brother’s hard drives, and I seriously doubt that I am the only one who feels this way.

  6. I don’t like Google. It reminds me very much of Microsoft, though Google has been clearly influenced by many things Apple. But the culture reeks M$ and it’s in their DNA. Pre-loading browser on OEM boxes, if that’s not a page from the tried and tested M$trategy, I don’t know what is. DOS, Windows Xs, IE, .NET etc. And yet, Google gets a free pass most everywhere. All hail Google just because they said they won’t be evil. Talk about sheep.

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