Analyst: Verizon will rue the day they blew the Apple iPhone deal

“The Storm may have hit the horizon much too late. The iPhone is remarkably popular and has had relatively few glitches which would drive buyers to another brand. In many ways, the iPhone is the perfect device,” Douglas A. McIntyre writes for 24/7 Wall Street. “Who does not want a phone from the perfect company run by Steve Jobs, the perfect CEO?”

MacDailyNews Take: Wiseass, as usual.

McIntyre continues, “Overcoming myth and legend may be beyond the marketing and financial prowess of even a company as large and well-heeled as Verizon.”

“There is an excellent chance that Verizon will rue the day that it did not pay the Apple the extortion money to get the iPhone,” McIntyre. “In a market when smartphone sales may be pulled down by the recession, having the second best product will not be nearly enough.”

Full article here.

RIM’s Storm isn’t even second best. The honor of being the distant second best to iPhone is currently held by T-Mobile’s Google G1 phone which has garnered, uh, less worse reviews than RIM’s click-hungry brick.

And one man’s “extortion money” is another’s rightful reward for paradigm-destroying innovation.

Regardless of his attitude, the bottom line is that McIntyre’s right (for once): Verizon will rue the day that it blew the chance to exclusively carry Apple’s revolutionary iPhone in the U.S. In fact, we’re certain that they already do as evidenced by their unending and quixotic quest to find a fake iPhone (Prada, Voyager, Glyde, Storm, etc.) with which they can attempt to fool the ignorant.


  1. hey MDN play nice! Poor VZN is a flagging company struggling to portray its network as being worthwhile to remain subscribed to. Isn’t it funny that a cellular network lives or dies based on the handpieces it sells rather than the solidity of its network?

  2. “extortion money”? Is Apple supposed to run like a charity for the telcos? Verizon, AT&T;etc are corporate behemoths… anything less than the hardest negotiation with such organizations would be complete folly.

  3. I miss Verizon’s voice quality, which AT&T;does not come close to on the west coast. Verizon does that very, very well.

    However, I was, after 8 years, becoming somewhat annoyed with Verizon’s late technology adoption strategy. Phones with old technology that only did what Verizon wanted, not what I wanted.

    When the iPhone went to AT&T;, I went with it.

    The iPhone, with what it does for me, is so much more important than the carrier providing the network.

    My wife, who is the opposite of technology. stayed with Verizon because her grown kids are still with Verizon. That type of thing will not last forever, IMO, with Smart Phones taking over the market.

    Just my 2 cents.

  4. they already rue the day. they are throwing everything that has a touch screen out there!! They are desperate to have phone that can try to resemble an iPhone. at&t;is getting better, thanks to apple of course, they finally are getting off their asses and moving their 3G signal all around in at a fast pace. Verizon was lame, great signal, but acted like a only child that only wanted to let you play with their only so much.

  5. I don’t think there ever was a chance of the iPhone on Verizon.

    Verizon uses a CDMA network. The iPhone and the rest of the world uses GSM. Other than the US, CDMA is only used in S. Korea.

    Apple was looking at the global picture all along.

  6. I stayed with Verizon because of the network. I was on the phone with a friend in Phoenix who uses AT&T;and the call dropped 4 times in about 10 minutes. He says it happens all the time. That’s a deal breaker for me. With Verizon, dropped calls are not an issue. The iphone will make it to Verizon eventually. I’ll just use my ipod touch in the meantime.

  7. @John

    You hit the nail on the head. I’m the opposite, my family went ATT cause I got my wife a phone she can actually use. (2 years with never knowing she needed to check her voice mail?). I’m trapped on verizon because my corporate blackberry is on an exclusive corporate plan. I keep trying to change their directions, and that will happen soon enough.

  8. Verizon has their own agenda.

    Apple and AT & T have profited by their collaboration. Both have benefitted by this and further improved what they have to offer their customers. I hope that AT & Y will continue to improve their network especially in areas where they are not so strong in.

  9. @ Colenzae:

    I live in Phoenix, and have an iPhone (and thus AT&T;). Coverage is no better or worse than when I had Verizon here. In some areas, Verizon is better, in some, AT&T;, and in some, T-Mobile. Simply depends on where you are, much like the rest of the country.

    We have mountains down here, and they interfere with wireless signals from all companies.

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