Apple and music labels in discussions to sell DRM-free songs, say sources

“A year after iTunes began offering music without copy protection software from EMI, Apple is in discussions with the other three top recording companies about acquiring DRM-free songs, according to two music industry sources,” Greg Sandoval reports for CNET.

“The talks are still preliminary and no deals have been finalized, but one source said one of the major labels is close to a final agreement. Rumors have been swirling on the Internet for a week that Sony would soon be offering music without the controversial digital rights management software. My sources could not confirm this,” Sandoval reports.

“Spokespeople for Apple and the major labels declined to comment,” Sandoval reports.

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Ottawa Mark” for the heads up.]


  1. @ ken1w DRM free songs have always been more expensive, nothing new there.

    What is new is the fact that they have finally realised that operating DRM servers is jaw droppingly expensive especially in the light of the credit crunch.

    Sales of traditional merchandise has nose dived while Apple incs. sales still increase somewhat slowly but always upwards, so they can no longer afford to subsidize those DRM servers anymore.

  2. I’ve refrained from purchasing downloads until this DRM blockade against Apple has been lifted. Then I will be open to buying from Apple, Amazon or whomever (with preference for Apple of course). But there is no way the music companies who did this will see a dime from me until we’re back to a truly level playing field.


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