China Mobile CEO says company still in talks with Apple for iPhone launch

China Mobile’s chairman and chief executive Wang Jianzhou, speaking at the GSMA Mobile Asia Congress in Macau on Tuesday, said his company is “continuing talks with Apple Inc. to launch the iPhone in the world’s largest mobile market,” V. Phani Kumar reports for MarketWatch.

Kumar reports, “He said that Apple was ‘very, very successful’ not only with the iPhone, but also with the application downloads from the Apple store. ‘We have [non-]disclosure agreements with Apple, so I can’t disclose many details. All I can say is that China is still interested in [bringing the] iPhone into China Mobile markets,’ he said.”

Kumar reports, “China, the world’s largest mobile-services market with more than 600 million subscribers, is one of the few big markets in Asia where the iPhone is still not formally launched.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. This might be very simple thing to do (or not), just make sure that iTunes is all in Chinese and looks something like to give the Chinese customers something to relate to. While at it, make the SDK and app submission are for Chinese only. App prices should be the familiar 14 cents (0.99rmb) or free, and BOOOM! Apple will make millions…? Without the iTunes store iPhone is just a regular phone.

  2. @silverloc,

    dude, Apple the company is awesome. The stock itself isnt… It has been the victim of too much manipulation. I have no doubt AAPL will go higher, but it may take a lot of patience. I am glad they have $25 B, they will be able to ride out the storm and still hire the best people going forward. But for now AAPL the stock is not that hot. Believe me… I have made $$$$$ & lost $$$$$ on just AAPL alone.

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