Associated Press ‘journalist’ smears Apple Mac

“Gadget makers love to sell us on all the things their devices can do, whether it’s letting us chat with distant friends at any time or watch movies on our commute. But can anyone fix this stuff when it breaks?” Andrew Vanacore asks for The Associated Press.

“That’s a question raised by the Pew Internet & American Life Project, which discovered in a survey released Sunday that 15 percent of people who had some piece of technology break down in the previous year were never able to get it repaired,” Vanacore reports.

“Nearly 40 percent of computer users said their machine stopped working properly at some point in the past year. Almost 30 percent of cell phone users said the same,” Vanacore reports.

“Ask Avery Griffin, who switched to an Apple Inc. computer a few years ago for its audio recording software. The 24-year-old musician said his new machine wouldn’t stop freezing up and crashing. But he said all he heard from Apple was, ‘At least it’s not a PC,'” Vanacore smears. “The PC he uses now works just fine, he said.”

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This is an example of a “journalist” inserting an anecdote into his “reporting” even though – and perhaps because – it flies directly in the face of fact. The fact is that Apple Macs (and iPhones and iPods and operating systems) routinely rank highest in customer satisfaction. Vanacore should have used just about any PC box assembler for his “freezing up and crashing” example if he was interested in reporting reality to his readers. He didn’t. Instead, of all possible companies, he chose Apple — the leader in customer satisfaction in multiple independent studies for multiple years running — as his example in an article that will be syndicated to thousands of outlets (there are currently 2,540 separate instances of this article found via Google) worldwide. Let’s all ask the Associated Press why:

Andrew Vanacores’s “evidence” is one user’s claim. Contrast that to our list of “Related articles” below:

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  1. Yes, the NEW YORK (AP) is a hit job on Apple and states a case from a “few years ago”! The guy fixed the problem by getting a PC.

    Right! How long did it take to find the one guy that fixed his problems by going back to a (Windows) PC.

  2. Those of us that make up the high user satisfaction group wonder why a News organization would chose to publish such a minority report without balancing it with the high quality reviews on Apple.

    Does AP get revenue from companies that would benefit when mud/fud is thrown at Apple?

    What is their incentive to print this trash?

  3. Apple should sue them. I really don’t thing any company (but microsoft) will answer “at least is not a PC”.
    I have see many apple products that last 5 times more that any other product of its kind. So this is definitively a FUD and apple should sue them.

  4. And after this election cycle, one would expect true journalism from AP, why?

    AP’s reporting of John McCain catching a baby who fell out of a window:

    “Today, McCain’s hopelessly outmatched campaign suffered another fatal blow as he blatantly took issue with a fundamental law of Nature, Gravity. Blogger, Fatid Flatlulance, of the well respected Daily Kos, asked ‘If John McCain can oppose gravity, what else will he oppose?'”

  5. It used to be that there were ONE unassailable fact of life: One cannot escape Death and Taxes.

    A SECOND now appears: All contemporary “journalists” are liars and cannot be trusted in any respect.

    Not just this guy (above). ALL. And they wonder why the media are so distrusted and disrespected world-wide. Here’s to the final and official demise of all “main stream” media. They treat us like fools, they dictate our beliefs and tastes, and they know virtually nothing about the subjects they cover.

    Good riddance to them all, the so-called Associated Press being the first, please!

  6. Avery Griffin, the Mac switcher in question, pulled the article from his blog when he found out that most of his problems were of his own making. All he had to do was read the manuel that came with his iMac.

    Scores of readers gave him advice on how to solve his problems. He still uses his Mac.

    Andrew Vanacore obviously won the $10,000 prize for best fiction from a Mac hater that Microsoft posts each week.

  7. AP: Unbelievable Reporting

    To add an unconfirmed anecdote as this author has done is another confirmation of the public’s distaste for the media.

    If anyone is really interested, the original Annual Gadgets Survey 2007* as the title states was conducted a year ago.

    In it, only three products were specifically named, i.e., the Blackberry, Palm and iPod. Noticeably, the incidence of failure was only 2% for all Blackberries, Palms and other personal digital assistants, and 3% for all iPods and other MP3 players.

    Unfortunately, the study did not segregate OS’s. As such, nobody can tell from this report which OS was better than the other. Certainly, Andrew Vanacore’s summations of it, is what we used to call in journalism, “Prostitution of the Literature.”

    Considering the lack of supportive documentation and references and his inferences in the AP article would suggest that Vanacore got paid to screw Apple. As such, you can well imagine what I think best describes his true vocation.


  8. I wouldn’t worry about it too much, Macs do crash, but it doesn’t take a team of IT people to get them back up and running when they do – And make no mistake, objectively they do not crash any more than anything running Windows. And, if that isn’t enough, it really does cost significantly less to operate Macs than anything running Windows.

    This is definitely a pay job for MS’s PR Dept., make no mistake about that either, but, this is the way it’s always been, and all that matters is that Apple keep churning out the best possible product that they can. This is what has kept Apple alive, and given the rest of us a viable alternative to the oh-so-tiresome Windows platform.

  9. The biggest problem behind any technology is the “loose-nut-behind-the-keyboard” syndrome. Too many stupid people blaming their own stupidity on someone or something else.
    I’m amazed how many people I deal with that are having some problem with their computers and when I sit down to diagnose it, I can’t duplicate the issue to save my life. Then magically after I haven’t really done anything to fix the system, it starts working properly.

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