Aspyr launches first slate of games and apps for iPhone and iPod touch

In this last quarter of 2008, Aspyr will be launching a handful of games and apps for the iPhone and iPod touch, the first of which is available now.

Buggled, available on the app store for US$1.99, is a game that puts finger dexterity to the test. Touch and hold on the screen as ladybugs fly and flutter across beautifully rendered leaves in an attempt to escape your nimble fingers. Learn more here via Apple’s iTunes App Store (iTunes link).

“Our goal with these new games and apps is to bring the quality that Aspyr has long been known for in the Mac gaming community to iPhone and iPod touch
users,” said Michael Rogers, Aspyr’s President and CEO, in the press release. “Aside from having handheld gaming experience, Aspyr’s advantages in this market are its expertise with Apple hardware and a dedicated staff of incredibly talented designers, artists and programmers who love creating fun content for this new platform.”

Additional games and apps coming from Aspyr this year include:
• Voodude, a toy where you can snap a friend’s pic (or enemy if you prefer) and turn them into ragdoll physics voodoo doll to poke, prod, fling, slap and generally torment.
• FriendZoo, an app that turns each name in your contacts list into a rich illustration of an animal in a zoo exhibit, where the most popular attractions are your most talked to friends
• Penguin Slider (working title), a variation of the classic marble/labyrinth game that features dazzling art and animations. Cute penguins slide around on the ice, and you must guide the right penguin to its fishing hole

More info about, and screenshots of, Aspyr’s iPhone and iPod touch game “Buggled”here.


  1. Not sure I’d use “expertise with Apple hardware” to tout experience writing iPhone Apps unless you’d have been writing iPhone Apps all along.

    That’s more “marketeese” than I can handle.

  2. don’t mean to sound like a wet rag, but I really think that we need to start seeing some serious productivity software, ie Relational Databases (competing with Handbase), a real time spreadsheet and word processing application, along with a real 1-D barcode reader with someone creating software for the focus issues that continue to prevail.

    Games are nice, but my iPhone is more than a game machine.

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