Apple sued for ‘hairline cracks’ in iPhone casing

“A lawsuit filed against Apple and AT&T on November 4, 2008 charging misrepresentation of the 3G speed of the iPhone on AT&T’s network, has been amended with an additional charge. The new charge claims the iPhone develops hairline cracks in the housing,” Jim Dalrymple reports for Macworld.

“Filed in the United States District Court, Eastern District of New York, Avi Koschitzki claims in the amended charge that hairline cracks in the casing of the iPhone constitute unfair practices under the New York Deceptive Practices Act,” Dalrymple reports.

More in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Jennifer” for the heads up.]


  1. Without commenting on the merits of this particular case one way or the other, I wonder how long it will be before we see a class-action suit filed on the basis “we’ll find something to complain about by the time this gets to court.”

  2. So, how is a hair-line crack a misrepresentation? Maybe the guy just tossed his phone down to hard… hey lets sue the table manufacturer for having table tops made out of hard woods instead of softwoods… after all, manufacturers know we toss things down on the table tops.

  3. Well, I have the hairline crack issue, around the mute switch, and power button. The three little cracks around the power button don’t bother me, but the one around the mute switch has cracked all the way to the chrome frame. Otherwise, my iPhone 3G looks new. I don’t think people should sue, unless Apple is not exchanging handsets for those who complain. It seems like a bad batch of plastic could be the culprit. I can see Apple swapping out bad phones, and then refurbishing the units with new plastic cases. Not a big deal, really, though I was surprised to see the cracks in my case.

  4. For the last time, they’re FLOW LINES!!

    Seriously, folks, this is just another case where the only winners will be the lawyers. Both sides will get hefty legal fees, while the attorneys will get nice additions to their estates.

  5. While they’re at it, why not sue Apple for everything wrong that has ever happened in history, not to mention everything that has yet to happen? I mean, Apple’s got lots of cash, and the people suing them are a bunch of lazy, greedy slackers trying to make a quick buck. So if you’re going to lie, why not go for the BIG lie? Ask for reparations and collect trillions of dollars for having offended generations of people who lived before computers existed. I mean, the possibilities are endless. The best thing is that obnoxious, ambulance-chasing two-bit attorneys will get even wealthier (you know the type – they’re the ones who cut you off on the freeway because their Mercedes sedan is too expensive for them to afford to use turn signals while talking on their cell phone…).

    What a great world. So let’s destroy it by suing each other to Armageddon!

  6. My white 3G iPhone also developed a nasty crack around the mute button. I am very careful with it and have never dropped (gasp) my phone. I took it up to the Apple store last week and they replaced it for me for free. So far no issues with the replacement phone but I have noticed the mute switch is now much tighter than it was before. You can no longer “flick” it – it has to be moved from top to bottom with your finger. Hopefully this will make it less likely to crack again and not the opposite…..

  7. Wouldn’t be the first time there was a bad batch of something on the assembly line. It happens.
    When in doubt, go the the Apple store.

    Considering the bad batch of things being made in China, hairline cracks are a little lower on the class action lawsuit scale.

    How about lead in just about anything?
    Or my favorite, melamine, an industrial chemical used to make plastics and fertilizer found in milk and pet food.

    So keep it in perspective, yes you do have just cause to complain to Apple for cracks in iPhones.

    Suppliers in China are a bit shady and quality control must be a nightmare over there.

  8. Let-em sue. I don’t like the plastic casing really. It’s not as durable as the old metal casing.

    You don’t have to toss it around to get hairline cracks. My iBook G4 has never been tossed around & it has hairline cracks around the corners of the screen frame, the corners of the palm rests, & a really long hairline crack around the center screw on the bottom that seems to get longer about every month. All came after about a year of use which I’ve had since mid 2005.

    Apple corrected that by making the Aluminum MacBooks. Apple has to make an aluminum cover again for the iPhone if they want to make the iPhone more environmentally friendly.

    I’ll wait for iPhone 3rd Gen or when they move to other cheaper carriers.

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