Testing Boxee on Apple TV

“I’ve become bored with my Apple TV. Bored, bored, bored. So bored that I unplugged it and just haven’t bothered with it at all,” Jim Lynch reports for ExtremeTech. Until recently that is…and what got me interested again? Boxee.”

Lynch reports, “So how is Boxee? Well I’m not going to review it here as it’s still in alpha, however after some quality time with it, I can sum it all up in word one word:

Lynch explains, “I had the content of Hulu, CBS, Revision 3, CNN, Comedy Central, and others at my fingertips! I could even browse public torrent networks to download old movies and stuff. Neat!”

Read the full article, with screenshots, here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Judge Bork” for the heads up.]


  1. I have Boxee on my Apple TV and it rocks! The internet video access is cool, but my favorite thing is how it will play ANY media on my computer, no matter what format. No more converting avi or divx to mp4! Boxee plays it all!

  2. I love my AppleTV…The renting of movies is great and the quality is good. I do not have satellite or cable so it serves me well. Wish there was better integration with itunes. I have multiple iphoto libraries and after you sync to one it will not change to another library. Overall a great device though.

  3. Mike from Fernie

    If you have boxee, you can use a program like ‘Ripit’ to save the entire file to separate folder(and drive) that can then be accessed by your Apple TV. It looks great, is very easy, but isn’t free-19 bucks.

    Handbrake works great, but if you are looking at multi-GBs of video, you may not want to bloat your iTunes file that much.

    Also, and I am not sure about this, but I believe you can then take your hard-drive over to your friends house to watch on their network.

  4. Love Boxee. Can’t wait until it goes beta stage then final release. Hopefully they will include a feature where you can enter a URL address and it will take all the videos from that website and stream them to the ATV!

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