Apple may hold unusually aggressive Black Friday sale

“With Black Friday sale information from rival PC vendors beginning to leak online, experts at Barclays Capital say they expect Apple to counter the promotions with a more aggressive than usual one-day sale, offering deep discounts on a number of Mac models,” Kasper Jade reports for AppleInsider. “The Friday immediately following the US Thanksgiving holiday has long been known as ‘Black Friday,’ as it represents the unofficial beginning of the holiday shopping season, or the day when retailers hold massive sales in hopes of steering their (red) losses into (black) profits.”

Analyst Ben Reitzes “wrote in a report to clients Wednesday. ‘We have not seen any Apple Black Friday ads yet (as is customary), but expect the company to be more aggressive than usual in its one-day sale, perhaps with $100 off a few Mac models and discounts on several iPods,'” Jade reports.

“The analyst also called upon Apple to ‘get more price aggressive in every product’ for its traditional one day sale, which will run for 24 hours beginning at midnight on Thursday November 27th. Given obvious weakness in the economy, this should include the iPhone, he said, arguing that ‘the company’s high margins could likely absorb a few days of discounts,'” Jade reports. “Apple’s participation in the Black Friday bonanza has seen the company hold massive 24-hour sales through its online store and brick-and-mortar retail chain since 2004.”

More in the full article, including what was Apple offerred in past Black Friday sales, here.


  1. > The analyst also called upon Apple to ‘get more price aggressive in every product’

    The analyst “called upon” Apple to do this? The analyst is giving Apple advice. Give me a break… If Apple is going to give deeper than usual discounts, that decision would have been made weeks ago when Apple was setting up inventory for the holidays.

  2. I see no intent on Apple’s part for “aggressive discounts”. Apple does its own thing, to start an article talking about what every other lunchbox PC maker is doing gives no credibility to what Apple does.
    We’ve all seen before how much ‘experts’ know about Apple, so it seems Appleinsider is fluffing up this story also.

  3. only apple knows right now how well their stuff is selling. no reason to give discounts more than usual if sales are going along the way they expect/want. this whole thing our economy has gotten into by giving christmas discounts before christmas is over is getting silly. companies are driving themselves, more and more every year, into lowering their margins. dell has proved that does not work in the long run.

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