RUMOR: AT&T iPhone tethering plan to cost $30 per month with 5GB cap

MacBlogz has a source who has shed some light on a few specific pieces of information pertaining to iPhone tethering we can expect from AT&T, when the plan is finally released.

Details include:
• 5GB Data Cap (just like Blackberry users) – AT&T will automatically turn off your tethering connection if you use too much bandwidth. Of note, the 5GB cap might get sliced for all users, not just iPhone users, in order to accommodate all new tethering plan customers (bandwidth demand).
• Expected speeds: GPRS: 30k – dialup speeds / EDGE: 110k – ISDN speeds / 3G: 1000k – slow broadband.
• Will be +$30/month, new iPhone plans may be rolled out with tethering rolled in.

More details in the full article here.


  1. This is still cheaper than having a separate data card from AT&T;, VZW or Sprint. Those are about $60/month and also carry the 5GB cap which is a lot of data unless you are trying to use it as your main/only internet connection.

    New plans might actually be good. If you can keep it below 5GB for your phone and your tether then only having to pay $30 for both would be great.

  2. It would be real bad if Apple bought Sprint. It makes zero business sense. It sounds sexy, but in the end it is not their business model. Now Microsoft would buy Sprint and funnel its customers, but that is another article

  3. It sounds to me like AT&T;needs to work on making their network more robust to handle all this demand for bandwidth rather than imposing limits like this for people who will be shelling out over $100/month to them.

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