Orange France cuts 8GB Apple iPhone 3G price to 99 euros in Christmas promotion

Apple Online Store“In an aggressive move to spur iPhone sales heading into the holidays, Orange appears to be on the verge of cutting prices for Apple’s handset well below existing costs,” Aidan Malley reports for AppleInsider.

“A dealer flyer sent AppleInsider shows the 8GB model’s price dropping from 149 euros to 99 when bought with a service plan — the equivalent of just $126 US — though it’s unclear from the flyer layout whether it requires a 45 euro, two-year contract for the discount to take effect,” Malley reports.

“What pricing affects the 16GB iPhone isn’t mentioned in the document, though a separate report points to the 8GB cut and the 16GB edition’s price dropping from 199 euros ($253) to just 129. That’s the equivalent of $164, or less than the going rate for an 8GB model in most countries,” Malley reports.

“It also carries unusual timing. The promo, dubbed the ‘Christmas Origami star,’ lasts from November 13th — the end of an earlier promotional cycle for Orange — until January 14th, or well after Christmas,” Malley reports.

Full article with image of the flyer here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Opportun” for the heads up.]


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