iZATT releases Bumps, the first Braille app for Apple iPhone and iPod touch

iZATT has released Bumps: A Braille Guide, its latest addition to the Signals Series for the iPhone/iPod Touch. Bumps is a fun way to learn braille, the reading system for the blind. It is ideal for parents, instructors, Boy Scouts, or anyone wanting to learn the Braille dot patterns. Homemade braille can be made with drops of glue left to dry. Practice what you learn from Bumps!

Bumps has three ways to learn, three ways to have fun:

Quick Reference:
• All 26 dot patterns displayed in an easy to see reference screen
• Single tap and letter pattern fills the screen
• Switch to turn on/off English letters

Flash Cards:
• Full screen letter patterns display in random order
• You select the speed they display
• English letter appears after chosen time to help you learn.

Word Play:
• Enter a word and see the braille patterns that make it
• You choose the speed

Bumps is a great way for anyone to learn Braille while having a great time doing it.

Other applications in the Signal Series:
1) Fingerspell – American Sign Language Alphabet
2) Sea Flags – Maritime Signal Flags

More about Bumps (iTunes App Store link) here.


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