Analyst: Apple to sell iPhones for $149 in Costco starting in January

Apple Online Store“Every month, Trip Chowdhry, the one-man band who covers all things tech under the moniker Global Equities Research, writes a piece he calls Silicon Scoop on current trends and gossip from the Valley. It’s always a good read, but this time around it is especially full of eye-opening predictions, many of them seriously distressing. It reads like Nostradamus has decided to cover the tech business,” Eric Savitz blogs for Barron’s. “Here are some of Trip’s current prognostications:

• Almost every Silicon Valley company is facing deteriorating business conditions and will cut their workforce by 3%-10% by year end.
• Motorola could get a life line in the form of equity investments from Microsoft and possibly Google, in return for supporting the Windows Mobile and Android mobile phone platforms.
• Apple, he says, is going to start selling iPhones via Costco at $149 starting in January.

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. I was recently at the Makuhari Costco in Japan. They do in fact sell Apple products… currently only iPod and iTunes cards. They’re iTunes cards are discounted. I saw the 3000 yen card selling for 2780 yen. In the past I have also seen iBooks there.

  2. Comparing Costco and Microsoft isn’t fair.

    Costco is one of the most labor-friendly companies in the country. In fact, they’re frequently faulted by Wall Street analysts for — get this — paying their employees too much! They also give out full benefits to a large proportion of the work force, which is rare today. Unlike the late (non-lamented) Circuit City, they actually want to keep experienced staff around to improve services.

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