Intel Core i7 benchmarked: Makes competition and even Intel’s own Core 2 chips look outdated

After running numerous benchmark tests of Intel’s new Core i7 (Nehalem) processors, “it’s clear that Intel has now implemented a great many of the features long offered by AMD processors. It’s equally clear the Intel has taken those features and improved them. For example, the integrated memory controller in the new Nehalem processors is an impressive demonstration of what’s possible with this technology. The re-emergence of the hyperthreading technology that originated with the Pentium 4 is also extremely successful,” Rupert Goodwins and Kai Schmerer report for ZDNet Germany.

“In numerous tests, the 2.66GHz Core i7 920 is a better proposition at AU$2800.00 than Intel’s previous fastest processor, the Core 2 Extreme QX9775, at around AU$2600. However both are painfully expensive in Australia,” Goodwins and Kai Schmerer report.

“Direct comparisons between the two 3.2GHz chips — the older Penryn Core 2 Extreme QX9775 and the new Nehalem Core i7 Extreme 965 — show the latest processor to be well over 50 percent faster. That advantage is not only confined to professional rendering applications; it also holds true for image editing with software… That performance improvement should ensure Nehalem is a success,” Goodwins and Kai Schmerer report.

“Intel’s Nehalem processors don’t just make the competition look outdated — even its own Core 2 chips can hardly keep up with the new architecture,” Goodwins and Kai Schmerer report.

Full article, with benchmarks, here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. Fast processors only, not fast computer make.

    Everything else of a computer must also be fast. Bus, memory controller, hard drives, RAM and so on.

    Then of course is OS/software bloat.

    We already have more than enough speed than we need.

    Unless your a 3D gamer (no more for Mac’s, PS3 rules) or doing HD rendering (which you need CPU speed and Dells/IBM’s are cheaper and Linux is a faster more customizeable OS), more performance for consumers is nearly worthless today.

    It’s really sad that Apple’s computer market is disappearing, maybe why the iPhone now…


  2. @Raving MacHead

    In your fever deluded dreams!

    I suggest pulling your head from your arse cavity and start sucking on hard sales figures instead.

    Apple Mac COMPUTERS sold per quarter are smashing all prior figures, and it’s a trend that’s been in the making for several years.

    IBM doesn’t make personal computers anymore (sold their assets to Lenovo, who is TANKING), and Dell?
    Be for real, Dell is a has been that’s shutting down factories and LAYING OFF workers BECAUSE their CHEAP computers HAVE NO MARGIN.

    Last thing?
    Last I looked, the #1 selling *NIX on planet Earth is Mac OSX, not Linux.

  3. Combine the new i7 Xeon based chips with 8 cores each (x 2) plus next gen GPGPUs and Snow Leopard = An unprecedented level of performance only available previously on $300k turnkey systems.

    Even more HD production to migrate to Apple.

    Raving Machead is Zunetang.

  4. @MacHead

    “We already have more than enough speed than we need.”

    Maybe you have more than enough speed than you currently need.

    But my boy’s grandparents are now using consumer level HD camcorders. As a matter of fact, the consumer AVCHD or HDV formats actually takes MORE processing power to work with than ProRes HQ, DVCProHD or 35Mb MPEG2. So in some sense, consumers actually need MORE performance to work with the current crop of consumer camcorders.

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