IBM releases Lotus Symphony 1.2 with Beta support for Mac OS X

IBM has released Lotus Symphony release 1.2 which is now available and includes Beta support for the Mac OS X platform in English.

IBM encourages interested users to will take the time to try it out and give them your feedback. IBM expects to have a “Generally Available” version for Mac in all the languages the company supports in Q1 09.

So, what do you get when you combine the standard-bearer for GUI elegance of the Mac OS X with the clean, award winning interface of Lotus Symphony? An unbeatable combination of innovation and simplicity for office productivity applications, designed with users in mind.

The development team has worked hard to ensure that Lotus Symphony not only works on Mac OS X but is optimized to take advantage of elegance of Aqua GUI theme with the innovation and simplicity Mac users have come to expect.

Right now, for Beta, Lotus Symphony on Mac OS X is available in English only. Rest assured, however, we will support all the languages when we move Lotus Symphony support for Mac OS X out of Beta to be generally available.

Now, it’s your turn to do the work. Download it, use it, give us feedback. Your feedback is vital to ensuring that we continue to focus on the right things and ensure that Lotus Symphony delivers the experience you need.

More info and download link here.


  1. Interesting…

    There’s only one application window when Symphony is running, and the documents are “tabs” inside that window. So you can have any combination and number of word processing, presentation, and/or spreadsheet tabs inside the overall Symphony window. One or more of the tabs can even be a web browser tab; I don’t know which rendering engine it uses, but it seems competent.

    When you close the overall Symphony window, the app quits, like with Disk Utility or System Preferences. Unusual for a productivity app to work this way, but not necessarily bad. The main limitation of this approach is that you can’t view two documents side by side; there may be a way that I don’t see.

  2. Wouldn’t it have been nice if Lotus had bothered to offer 1-2-3 or Symphony for the Mac when it would have mattered, back when Lotus had 90+% of the spreadsheet/integrated software market, rather than now when they have to give it away for free? Still better 23 years late than never I suppose.

    (Yeah I remember Jazz™, but like everyone else, I just don’t care.)

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