Markets fall after U.S election; AAPL drops 4%

“American and European markets fell this morning after the election of Democrat Barack Obama and Democratic gains in both the House and Senate,” Scott Mayerowitz reports for ABC News.

“With the closely watched presidential election over, the business world now braces itself for the new reality of a Democratic-controlled Washington. That likely means stronger oversight and regulation of the financial sector, a tax structure that is less friendly to companies, increased spending on entitlement programs and more labor-friendly policies,” Mayerowitz reports.

“The drops do not necessarily mean the markets are upset with Obama’s victory. It could just be investors taking profits after recent gains,” Mayerowitz reports.

“Wall Street had a lot invested in this election,” Mayerowitz reports. “The federal government has wide powers to regulate business in America — everything from the way stocks, bonds and other investments are traded to the way companies and their employees are taxed.”

“And the government’s role has become much more active as the financial crisis has spread,” Mayerowitz reports. “The new president is going to have to administer the $700 billion bailout, weigh a second economic stimulus package and look at what new regulations and oversight should or should not be imposed on Wall Street.”

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Benjamin Pimentel reports for MarketWatch, “Technology stocks tumbled Wednesday morning as the broader market retreated following the previous day’s rally and as investors pondered the major economic challenges that President-elect Barack Obama will face.”

Pimentel reports, “The Nasdaq Composite Index [fell] 3.0%… Major tech players were in the red, including Apple Inc. (AAPL: $106.60, -4.39, -4.0%) , Hewlett-Packard (HPQ: $36.99, -1.25, -3.3%) and Microsoft Corp. (MSFT: $22.76, -0.77, -3.27%).”

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  1. The rich guys are now putting their money in the China market.
    Even a one percent employment up or down always spikes the market, but getting a new president doesn’t.
    Obama negatively used the word “trickle down”, but the fact is that even in Bible days, everything does “tricke down” The rich are going to find other places to stash their cash so it can’t be taken. Employers simply won’t hire as many people. Removing our troops quickly makes the rattlesnakes think we are tucking tail and running home. You simply can’t negotiate with a rattlesnake.

  2. Aww, geez, I should have stayed away but I just couldn’t help myself…

    Did it ever occur to anybody that the markets’ drop today has little to do with Obama’s victory, since it was clear before today that he was going to win? It would be more logical (but still probably wrong) to claim it’s a negative reaction to the Dems’ failure to take a filibuster-proof control of the Senate.

    The market is about speculation, that’s how you make money…the market actually did quite well the week before…and it’s been a daily roller coaster for the last few months anyway…

    This inference by MDN (no take, but the “related article” is clearly an editorial comment) is completely specious. I guess we could expect no less (or more)

  3. As any student of American History can see..
    our country’s political landscape swings on a pendulum —
    From left to right and back again–

    There is no subversive plot by the Liberals happening here — it’s just the way our country works– Its a healthy thing !

    Hopefully, one bright spot here– could be that the 20-odd years of right wing-nut programming about how bad “The Left” is will slowly fade away —

    The left is no better or worse than the right– our country actually need BOTH !!

    And — not to point out the obvious, here — but
    after eight years of suffering through having –
    “The ‘yew-niter’ not a ‘dee-vider’ ” at the helm – Its time for a change !

  4. As a well known blogger has written, “the plural of anecdote is not data.” But we don’t even have plural here. You pick one number on one day and extrapolate an entire macroeconomic theory based on it to suit your paranoid right-wingnut masturbatory fantasies.

    Screw you, MDN.


    Just bugger off.

  5. Ottawa Mark,

    Actually, the article is completely related as it covered the market’s action on the day following the last U.S. presidental election.

    Just because you don’t like what it says or does not say does not make it “specious.”

    Nor does it grant you any basis upon which to infer MDN’s intent as this site always very clearly labels their “Takes” when they have one they wish to offer.

  6. Ah, another politically charged headline on a Mac news website. Just in time to let all the sore-looser neo-cons air their sour grapes.

    @ Big Mac,
    We’ll see… only time will tell. As of now, Bush is still in command, and the stock market continues it’s volatility. Truth be told, we won’t have any sort of early indicators until after Obama’s first 100 days.

    There is some truth to that… with emphasis on the word some. The problem comes when ‘Trickle-Down Economics’ becomes policy. It has failed, miserably, every time an administration has tried to implement it; as it amplifies the existing tendencies.

    @MDN, can we please put all this political crap to bed for awhile, and focus on relevant Apple news?

  7. MDN reports frequently on the market and AAPL stock and also reported on the market action following the last U.S. prez. election, too.

    Obama voters are just upset that the market tanked after his election, but surged after Bush’s re-election, so they lash out at MDN.

    If the market actions were reversed, the Obama voters would be carrying on their starry-eyed vacant look Grant Park partying right here in this forum.

  8. The market and Obama are not necessarily related.
    Most people in America and the World seem to be happy about the election. Hopefully the World will become a better place.

  9. @ Judge Bork – you’re wrong. Related to this site and Mac news in what way? The one comment on tech stocks falling?

    OttawaMark is correct, and is calling them on it. Good.

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