InfoWorld reviews Apple’s new 15-inch MacBook Pro: Still the best notebook you can buy

“Apple has done a complete and meaningful redesign of its top-selling commercial notebook, the MacBook Pro, for durability, serviceability, energy efficiency, and eco-consciousness. A one-piece, rigid, machined aluminum frame (“unibody”) forms the MacBook Pro’s internal structure, a design feature it shares with the new aluminum MacBook and MacBook Air. As with the MacBook Air, the clamshell laptop that upended the thin-and-light PC notebook market, Apple made some marvelously unorthodox design decisions for the MacBook Pro,” Tom Yager reports for InfoWorld.

“All the external I/O ports have been moved to one row along the left side: Ethernet, 800MHz FireWire, two USB 2.0, DisplayPort, audio-in/out (analog and optical), and ExpressCard. Apple has moved the battery charge gauge from the bottom to the left side as well,” Yager reports.

“There are a few steps backward from last year’s model, but these are generally minor. On the criteria that matter most to me — durability, longevity, flexibility, power efficiency, and ecological impact — I’ve yet to come across a mainstream notebook that measures up to the unibody MacBook Pro. Apple’s MacBook Pro is still the best notebook you can buy,” Yager reports.

Full review here.

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