Apple: No more new Macs in 2008; ‘Our holiday line-up is set’

“An Apple spokesperson has cooled down expectations of a last-minute refresh to the Mac line, or any other products, before the start of the new year,” Aidan Malley reports for AppleInsider.

“Company press representative Bill Evans has told Macworld that Apple’s lineup is fixed in place for the rest of 2008,” Malley reports.

“‘Our holiday line-up is set,’ the official says,” Malley reports.

“The news dampens expectations for late 2008, which according to roadmaps would have Apple launch minor iMac updates before the year closed out,” Malley reports.

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Cascadians” for the heads up.]


  1. Of course the bloggers et al. aren’t going to believe this. They’ll say Apple is just trying to put us off the scent and have the second coming waiting in the wings. Then, when Apple goes through the holiday season with the current line-up, exactly as Apple say they will, the bloggers will scream bloody murder and wail and gnash their teeth.

    “Apple lied to us!” they will cry. “They said they weren’t going to introduce any new models before the holidays, and they didn’t.”

    Sometimes i wish humans (using the term loosely) could catch computer viruses.

  2. Excellent. I’m glad they came out and said this, it will be a huge aid in terms of getting people to step up and buy an iMac now instead of waiting. Up to this point I’ve just been saying “I don’t know, Apple typically doesn’t give much advance notice of product updates.” Now I can definitively say “No new Macs this year”.

  3. At the rate Apple’s going, they’ll be back to their 90’s status shortly after SJ departs. No updates to a product for over a year. No iLife ’07, hardware issues with their products, premature announcements – where’s the new headphones?, a new Cinema Display designed for laptops only? All of this on Stevie’s watch. And he’s the King of “Let me tell you what you want to buy.” Can only imagine what the Second string will do once he’s gone.

  4. @Meh

    I’m with you. Apple had a resurgence because they became cool with the tech crowd. They made it easy for the techies to have a laptop that ran a powerful operating system. I was at a Python Developers Conference 4 years ago and Macs were on their way to becoming the laptop of choice for developers. At least year’s Python Developers Conference, Macs ruled.

    Linux still struggles somewhat on the laptop. Only recently have the Windows users started migrating. But it seems like Apple is now becoming a bit more “evil”. It seems like I am having less choice than before. We already see how closed and restrictive they are with the iPhone. I’m worried their going this direction yet again with the computers. If ever so slightly.

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