NBC’s ‘Chuck’ TV series ridicules Microsoft’s Zune debacle

NBC’s “Chuck” TV program has made mention of Apple iPod while also belittling Microsoft’s “Zune” flop.

Episode 205 | Season 2 | 10/27/2008
In the Buy More employee break room, Jeff daydreams about his glorious past – and the day 25 years ago when he won the Missile Command Championship. His reminiscence is rudely interrupted by Big Mike calling everyone to the sales floor immediately, even Chuck, who is apparently late for work:

“Chuck Versus Tom Sawyer” and the rest of the “Chuck” episodes are available via Apple’s iTunes Store (US$1.99 per episode, $39.99 season pass; link opens in iTunes) here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers too numerous to mention for the heads up.]


  1. “You have a Zune?!!” – “Are you kidding me?… NO, no. It’s on my iPod.”

    Said SOooo derisively. A touchingly sad note in the Microshaft saga…which is what makes it so satisfyingly funny!

  2. Morgans delivery of the line is classic. I’ve never seen one consumer product so openly mocked in favor of another on TV before.

    I’d love to know if Apple specifically paid for that line or if it was just a “happy” circumstance.

  3. Okay, even tho the situation you describe happened in the episode, that was at the beginning and this is at the end.

    Here, Jeff is passed out from nerves in the audio theater room. Chuck just tried to play Missile Command and blew it big time. He then turned around to the guy that heckled him and saw the “Rush” t-shirt. He then remembered that the game was coded to the tune of a specific song. He then turned to ask Morgan to get the song…

    Here is where the video begins…

  4. For those of us at work and can’t watch it, can someone post a brief description of what is said about the Zune and iPod? The description above the video link doesn’t say jack.

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