Eight new features to expect in Apple’s forthcoming iPhone 2.2 update

“One of the great things about the iPhone is the regular software updates. Free and automatic improvements are piped, hot and steaming, to your pocket computer,” Charlie Sorrel reports for Wired.

“We don’t know exactly when the next version of the iPhone operating system (v2.2) will arrive, but the leaks are springing fast, and the new OS looks like a useful update — full of new toys,” Sorrel reports.

Here’s what the rumors say so far:
• Google Street View
• Direct Podcast Downloads
• Rating Applications on Deletion
• Line-In Support
• Emoji Emoticons
• Location Sharing
• Safari Tweaks
• Copy and Paste*

*Sorrel writes, “Kidding! You didn’t fall for that one, did you?”

Full article here.


  1. I used to have Palm, later a iPaq (hp’s pocket pc) and then a Black Berry, all of them with copy and paste function…. but they still crap…

    P&C;can help, a lot of time I wanted to copy a SMS and paste it on another SMS, but the iPhone gives me so much functionality that I will rather prefer an iPhone with out copy and paste that any other N95 or Bold or any other bad imitation of the iPhone.

  2. I know 10 people that would buy one if they could simply text a photo to a friend. It’s not a big deal for me or my wife but a LOT of people love that feature and won’t sacrifice it for another phone, even an iphone. Just add it Apple!!

  3. For us Europeans, SMS is important. SMS handling in the iphone is to basic for such an advanced device. NO charater count, impossible to forward a message, impossible to delete a single message without deleting the whole conversation, etc. My 6 years old nokia does this quite well!!!! And how about video recording? Is that so difficult to add this feature??

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