Obama’s billionaire supporters causing market turmoil to tilt election?  Stocks to play (AAPL #1)

“Market turmoil gets Barack Obama elected. He knows this and more importantly, so do his supporters. A survey released by Prince and Associates, shows that 75% of voters worth $1 million to $10 million are favoring John McCain, but of those voters worth more than $30 million, two-thirds support Obama. It’s no secret that the majority of uber rich individuals despise the current administration and are willing to do whatever they can to get new blood into the White House; even if it comes under conditions of an economic collapse,” Jason Schwarz writes for Seeking Alpha.

“These Obama billionaires, led by famed market manipulator George Soros, would love to kill two birds with one stone. If they can get their man into the White House and buy back into the stock market at a once-in-a-generation low on November 5th they will be able to declare a double victory,” Schwarz writes.

“While the billionaire’s club lacks the actual resources to completely move the broad market, they definitely have the resources to start a snowball effect. In 2005, George Soros convened with his group of 70 super-rich liberal donors in Phoenix to evaluate why their efforts to defeat President Bush had failed. They came away from that meeting with a plan to push even harder for a victory in 2008. The recent overreaction in equity prices has been attributed to the hedge fund/mutual fund redemption crisis that caused record amounts of money to exit the market during the first half of October,” Schwarz writes. “Could it be that the big money had something to do with the panic?”

“So how should investors play this underlying market tussle? You’ll want to own the ‘babies that have been thrown out with the bath water’. There is a select group of stocks with pristine balance sheets and solid growth prospects who have been beaten down for no good reason,” Schwarz writes.

The Top 5 on Schwarz’s list:
1 – Apple (AAPL): $25 billion cash, 0 debt
2 – Automatic Data Processing (ADP): $1.5 billion cash, $66 million debt
3 – China Mobile (CHL): $31 billion cash, $4.96 billion debt
4 – Cisco (CSCO): $26.3 billion cash, $6.89 billion debt
5 – Ebay (EBAY): $3.64 billion cash, 0 debt

More in the full article, including Schwarz’s full list of 15 stocks, here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “TowerTone” and “Jason R.” for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Take: Regardless of the cause(s) of market turmoil, it’s nice to see Apple recognized as the most solid on a list of the most solid stocks.


  1. I’m sorry, but the current economic collapse has been the fault of greedy and irresponsible financial institutions abetted by the Bush/Graham/Greenspan philosophy of deregulation and their “Free Market” fantasy religion. Obama was going to win regardless of the economic instability, the only difference being by how large a margin. So, this wingnut article is right up there with all the other anti-Soros/progressive tinfoil hat theories.

    But yes, investors should buy Apple.

  2. This election is a referendum on the intelligence of the average US citizen. If they’re smart enough to know who’s on their side, the “Joe the Plumbers” of the country will vote for Democrats. If they’re not, we’ll have four more years of “trickle down on us” economics.

  3. You think the market is in turmoil today?

    Just wait until Barack Obama is combined with a Democratic senate.

    Al Qaeda’s job will be done for it within 12-months.

    It’s going to make the Carter years look like boom times!

  4. This is bullshit. Obama’s supporters manipulating the market? Just another right-wing moronic attempt to scare middle-class voters away from Obama. Enough already. The election is OVER. McCain should just concede now and put money in the campaigns of senators and representatives that are about to lose their seats.

  5. I thought it was the democrats that derugulated the mortgage industry forcing quotas on banks to lend to people that didn’t qualify anyway? I think it was called CRA and was accelrated in the 90’s when they started to ‘scorecard’ the banks on how many of these loans where made? Chuck Schumer didn’t help the situation releasing the Indymac document causing the run and then the failure of that back (largest ever if I remember correctly). Republicans aren’t blame free because they had the majority in the house and senate and knowingly didn’t fix the problem saying ‘it’s going to make us look like we don’t want poor people to own houses’.

    Anyone in DC or has been there in the last 5 years should be exempt from running for office and we should start over.

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