PC Magazine reviews Air Sharing for Apple iPhone: Editor’s Choice

“Air Sharing turns your iPhone into a networked drive that can wirelessly transfer files to and from your computers, while also letting you view a wide variety of file types on your phone. At $6.99, it’s not cheap as iPhone apps go, but well worth the outlay,” Sean Portnoy reports for PC Magazine.

“Whether you want to read docs on your iPhone or let someone download files from it via a Web browser, Air Sharing has you covered. Upgrades to beef up its file-viewing features should be a priority to make this great download even better,” Portnoy reports.

Read the full review (Editor’s Choice, 4.5 out of 5 stars) here.

More info about Air Sharing via Apple’s iTunes App Store here.


  1. Got it free when it was introduced. Works great, which is more than I can say for other filesharing offerings like “Briefcase” that seemingly refuse to work at all.

  2. I never understand why some people that don’t like the iPhone spend so much time trying to convince other people that they shouldn’t like it too.

    This is applicable in so many other arena too including politics & religion…

  3. I have this app… very handy. Would be nice if this was an out of box feature… but i got it free under the promo time… and knowing how handy it is now… 7 bucks is not bad. Ohh, and I use it on my iPod Touch, not an iPhone.

    If I could legally have an iPhone on alltel, I would have an iPhone.

    The Dude abides

  4. To hear someone who owns a $200 smartphone (and who pays $70.00 @ month for phone and data) WHINE (and I do mean WHINE like a 2 year old brat) about $7.00 is PATHETIC.

    I mean seriously… didn’t your mommy give you enough for your allowance this week?

  5. I’ve been using Filemagnet, I have had some issues with it when it comes to PDF’s. However, the layout of AirSharing looks almost identical to FileMagnet. Has anyone used both, so that they can offer a real time recommendation for either?


  6. I had File Magnet and it had quite a few problems initially. It was terrible to have to reset your device to try and remove files once you no longer needed them. I think Air Sharing is far better. The only thing that I think needs improvement is xls docs. They seem really long to load.

    To the troll insulting us iphone users… The only device that comes with the ability to store docs and things on it are a windows mobile device. BB can have them e-mailed to them and then you can look at them which the iphone can do just fine out of the box. If you truly believe your winmo device is great why are you trolling our site? Being in the closet about anything is wrong. No matter what it is!

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