Apple seeds iPhone Software 2.2 beta 2, iPhone SDK, Snow Leopard pre-release build

“iPhone Software 2.2 beta 2 is reported to have made its way to developers early friday afternoon alongside a new version of the iPhone SDK with support for hardware accessories that provide audio input to the iPhone and iPod touch,” AppleInsider reports.

“The new version of iPhone Software itself is said to add Google Street Views to the handset’s built-in Maps application,” AppleInsider reports.

Developers have also “been provided with the first test releases of Snow Leopard since June’s Worldwide Developers Conference,” AppleInsider reports. The Snow Leopard build features the Mac OS X “Finder completely re-written in Cocoa, the beginnings of Microsoft Exchange integration, and a new ImageBoot function.”

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  1. Push (which they delicately don’t mention much lately) is much more important.

    The villagers will be lighting their torches and heading to the castle on the hill if it doesn’t show up this time. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  2. Emoji icons? WHAT the FSCK!! Where’s copy & paste?!

    Apple’s priorities are all fscked up here. No universal landscape keyboard, no copy & paste, no MMS, no alphanumeric passwords. But they’re right on the ball when it comes to stupid Jap smileys.

  3. “Emoji icons? WHAT the FSCK!! Where’s copy & paste?!

    Apple’s priorities are all fscked up here. No universal landscape keyboard, no copy & paste, no MMS, no alphanumeric passwords. But they’re right on the ball when it comes to stupid Jap smileys.”

    R2, are you saying that there’s no difference in difficulty for implementing a systemwide copy & paste and Emoji icons?

    I agree with most of your points, I think there should be a universal landscape keyboard, that should have been there before the SDK, and the copy paste thing is long over due, but that could be trickier to get it working up to Apple’s standards, and whatever they come up with we’re stuck with basically forever, so I’d rather they take extra time if necessary to do it right because they only have 1 shot.

    MMS, password stuff, all good, I’m sure it’ll come in time. It’s too bad they can’t do everything instantly but you have to give them credit they have come a long way in a relatively short time, with a SDK, with the best mobile software platform and store in existence, Exchange support and push messaging, significant improvements to Mobile Safari.

  4. @Jeremy

    If you’re referring to R2’s use of the term “Jap smileys” that might be offensive to some but it’s not racist. Japanese is a nationality not a race.

    I didn’t see it as a slur against Japanese myself even if it was a rather sloppy choice of words, but rather a dig at Apple for focusing on one group’s pet interests vs the needs of the whole platform.

    R2 could very well be racist, but I haven’t got that from his posts in past. I think political correctness has made us all unnecessarily hypersensitive.

  5. @twilightmoon
    You are right about how good the platform is and that it’s getting better. It’s also the best of the available choices.

    As for the racism, I take it that you’re not of Asian decent. I don’t particularly care for the terms “Jap” “Nip” “Gook” “Chink” “Slant-eyes” or their ilk. As a kid, these words really hurt. They are denigrating terms, period. However, in this era of political correctness, only certain denigrating terms are taboo while others are acceptable. So for someone who has walked a mile in “Jap” shoes, “Jap Smileys” is an ignorant thing to say.

  6. Jap can be used to insult someone, certainly, any word can be used to insult.

    I’ve been called a “neo-con” because I have some conservative views, a “yank” because I live in America and am an American, a “Hairy beast” because I have body hair. I’ve had people mock the way I dress, insult my intelligence, my physical appearance, heck just about everything besides my weight.

    No one is immune from being mocked by other humans.

    That said “Jap smileys” is mocking the narrow marketed improvements of the smileys. I agree it’s sloppy choice of words, I also said it would offend some people. It is, however, not racist, and I don’t believe R2 intended to offend Japanese people.

    Perhaps R2 would like to explain his choice of words here?

    My other point is how hypersensitive we’ve become and gone out of our way to find insults where they weren’t intended. If the term “Jap” is universally insulting and offensive, perhaps explain that to him and hopefully he’ll refrain from using it in the future. I believe it’s counter productive and rather rude to immediately assume anyone who says anything that might be offensive is racist.

    ” in this era of political correctness, only certain denigrating terms are taboo while others are acceptable.”

    I think it boils down to being courteous or striving to be. This goes for both sides, if someone says something ignorant or offensive, give them the benefit of the doubt and assume they might not be aware how hurtful or offensive it is if you don’t have reason to believe they meant the offense.

    At one point political correctness likely developed out of a way to get people to become more aware of hurtful or offensive speech and be more courteous. If it ever was that, it has morphed into a way to shut people up we disagree with politically and silence and censor people. To me that’s as dangerous as racism itself is.

  7. My requirement for Snow Leopard is very simple: I want to never see the spin cursor again in the Finder!

    Next summer (about the time Snow Leopard is released) I will buy my next desktop Mac. It will be, as always, a maxxed out Mac Pro (or Power Mac before that, etc.). On such a system I want to NEVER (and I do mean *NEVER*) want to see the spin cursor (the spinning, multicolor beach ball to those who are not familiar with the term “spin cursor”) in the Finder again. I don’t care what it is I’m doing in the Finder. I must never see that spin cursor again.

    The top of the line machine of summer 2009 (at least 8 CPU cores, maybe even 16 cores) with the fastest graphics card, 8+ GB of RAM and the fastest hard drive available should easily support doing whatever it is I want to do in the Finder without pause. Snow Leopard is supposed to take advantage of multiple CPU cores. It is supposed to provide support for using the GPUs in the graphics cards for all kinds of acceleration. Everything is supposed to be tweaked to take advantage of the higher bandwidth paths of the new Intel architecture. Something like the Finder better be DAMN SNAPPY!


  8. Amen Shadow! But I’m not holding my breath.. it only took something like 3 years and TWO major OS X upgrades for them to fix the “Finder will now hang up and give you a spinning beachball for 2 or 3 minutes” when you accidentally powered down a networked hard drive or network connection. But hope springs eternal.

    In all honesty, I think the idea of Snow Leopard as it’s been posited by Apple is the best thing they could be doing for OS X right now. The Finder rewrite is loooong overdue, and I understand features have come first, but I’m glad to see a release dedicated to this.

  9. Jap is unacceptable. Nevertheless, it’s only by a recent court decision that a precedence has been established by which a Japanese-born kid of foreign race can qualify for a Japanese passport.

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