The reports of Apple Mac mini’s death are greatly exaggerated

“With Apple’s recent ‘State of the Mac’ omitting any mention of the Mac mini and reports surfacing over the current line’s discontinuation, there’s been some speculation that the diminutive desktop’s days may (again) be numbered. That’s unlikely the case, say insiders, who are sharing new details,” Kasper Jade reports for AppleInsider.

Jade reports, “In a report published this week titled the ‘The State of the Mac mini,’ Las Vegas-based Macminicolo, the largest Mac mini colocation firm… which operates a server farm of 400 Mac minis, notes that ‘it’s just about as familiar with the Mac mini as anyone’ and claims it ‘is certain there is another mini on the way.'”

Jade reports, “The report both attempts to dispel some common misconceptions about the mini’s sales volume, as well as outline a few features that are said to be ‘100% confirmed’ for the impending update. Specifically, it notes that the mini sells to businesses over consumers at roughly a 2 to 1 ratio.”

What’s coming? According to the report, Mac mini will receive:
• Mini DisplayPort
• Support for up to 4GB of RAM
• SATA optical drive
• Optional config, for two SATA HDDs, no optical drive

More details in the full article here.


  1. The Apple insider states maximum RAM for the current Mac Mini as 3 GB. I have 4 GB in two of mine, and they work just fine. Both of those are Core 2 units (which have a different motherboard and firmware than the earlier Core Duo). The earlier Core Duo units may have been limited to 3 GB.

  2. First Steve, now the Mac mini – don’t people have anything better to do than predict the deaths of various Apple-related products or persons? ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

    Oh and jas67 – “I know several people” for whom your concerns would never persuade them to buy a tower with Windows on it, instead of a Mac mini or iMac with OS X on it.

    Sometimes it’s good to let go of what you *think* you really want, and re-prioritize your concerns. For example, I personally never wanted to go with a glossy screen on my next MacBook. However, I gave the demo models in the Apple store a whirl last year (both matte and glossy), and was surprised to discover I greatly preferred the *glossy* one.

    I’m not saying you have to agree with me on that (or on any of the other concerns you’ve raised) – all I’m saying is, go to an Apple store and give your preconceptions an honest challenge. Sometimes what we think we really want, isn’t what we really want.

    (Not to mention Apple has done a *lot* more market research than either you and I have done, so it’s possible they know something we don’t when it comes to how they decide what models to market.)

  3. Putty knife, RAM? Hell yes, I hate it. Every odd day I install 1GB of RAM and every even day I swap it to 2GB. Using that putty knife is really getting on my nerves. Damn, why Apple coulnd’t just have a little slot on the case to make it easier.

  4. So….. we now have Megame, minime and Micro Me posting on MDN. I wonder what that all means?

    I hope the counter Mac mini rumour is correct. I’d like to update my wife’s Mac mini before long. The rumoured updates don’t sound that exciting though. I’m waiting for a rumoured release date, or maybe even a real one.

  5. It’s no notebook, but it’s easier to grab the mini and hook it up in any office and go to work right away than any other computer. Those fretting over no sub-$1k Macs are really missing the point in Apple design.

  6. I think it would be fool to stop the MacMini. I went to a company using windows. old crappy machines and they told me the PC they had were crap but not expensive. After talking about TCO I told them. Look, you simply buy MacMini keep monitor and keyboard and mouse and you have a winner. So they will do it it is $6000 to change all the Units by a MacMini. A new company of switchers is born. No need to argue for 3 hours. No need to waste hours with anti viruses and all that crap windows has in stock…

  7. @ wannabe: The main reason for FireWire is for easy diagnostics and expansion. Those of use who want a Mini or 3 for media centers want FireWire so we can hook up a bootable MinStack.

    My fondest Mini dream is 802.11n wireless.

  8. If you want a computer hooked up to your HDTV, the Mac mini can’t be beat. All you need is a DVI to HDMI adapter. I love mine and would be heartbroken if Apple killed it. I spend more time in the mini than I do in my cable company’s box or my nintendo.

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