The reports of Apple Mac mini’s death are greatly exaggerated

“With Apple’s recent ‘State of the Mac’ omitting any mention of the Mac mini and reports surfacing over the current line’s discontinuation, there’s been some speculation that the diminutive desktop’s days may (again) be numbered. That’s unlikely the case, say insiders, who are sharing new details,” Kasper Jade reports for AppleInsider.

Jade reports, “In a report published this week titled the ‘The State of the Mac mini,’ Las Vegas-based Macminicolo, the largest Mac mini colocation firm… which operates a server farm of 400 Mac minis, notes that ‘it’s just about as familiar with the Mac mini as anyone’ and claims it ‘is certain there is another mini on the way.'”

Jade reports, “The report both attempts to dispel some common misconceptions about the mini’s sales volume, as well as outline a few features that are said to be ‘100% confirmed’ for the impending update. Specifically, it notes that the mini sells to businesses over consumers at roughly a 2 to 1 ratio.”

What’s coming? According to the report, Mac mini will receive:
• Mini DisplayPort
• Support for up to 4GB of RAM
• SATA optical drive
• Optional config, for two SATA HDDs, no optical drive

More details in the full article here.


  1. WJ,

    remember that minime name is only a name, it’s not anatomically correct!

    Don’t want any rumors spreading here.

    Great day for the market heh.

    I do hope they update the little guy.

  2. Two Hard Drives and no Optical Drive is Perfect for What I use my Mac Minis for.

    I also see the Nvidia Graphics chip, and Firewire 800 ports in the Mini’s future too.

  3. I looked into the Mini, but opted for the iMac, which is a much better value proposition. Mini II needs integrated power, dedicated video, support for 3-1/2″ disk, user upgradability. (Putty knives shouldn’t be needed to upgrade RAM.)

  4. @Raymond in DC – when I first read your article, I thought you were talking about the 3.5 FLOPPY disk. Agree support for a 3.5 hard disk would be nice and ditto for easy accessable system RAM.


  5. Apple: if you’re reading this, PLEASE:

    Keep firewire (upgrade to FW800 would be great).
    Add eSata and/or an express card slot.

    Definitely, if you are not keeping firewire, and/or not adding eSata, then by all means, put the express card slot on it, so I can add my own eSata and firewire.

    Also, there is definitely room for a “Max-mini” mini tower system with room for two 3 1/2″ SATA drives, and one or two PCIe (or express card) slots .

    I know several people that would have bought such a computer, that absolutely didn’t want an all-in-one, the Mac Pro is priced too high, and the Mini is too limiting. They all ended up with HP’s or Dells.

    I have three Mini’s, and they’re great for what I use them for, but I would definitely replace one of them with this missing mid-sized system.

    I will never buy an iMac. I hate all-in-ones, and I hate glossy screens.

    Apple: listen — I am a good repeat customer. I have purchased in the last 5 years, a PowerBook G4, three MacBook Pro’s, and three Intel Minis. The PowerBook and MacBooks, and two of the Mini’s were purchased directly from the Apple Store website. Give me what I want, and I’ll buy more. Otherwise, what I have will be good enough for quite a while.

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