Mossberg reviews Apple’s new MacBook: I like it a lot; a terrific choice for consumers and students

“According to the sales-research organization NPD Group, the midrange model of [Apple’s] MacBook has been the single best-selling laptop of any brand in U.S. retail stores for the past five months,” Walt Mossberg reports for The Wall Street Journal. “So, when Apple completely revamped the design of the MacBook last week, it was a big deal, not only for Mac die-hards, but for anyone shopping for an everyday laptop.”

Mossberg reports, “I’ve been testing the base model of the new MacBook for the past five days, and I like it a lot, despite a few downsides. I found this new MacBook to be speedy, solid, innovative, and comfortable to use, with very good battery life.”

“The new model sports a sturdy aluminum case, instead of the old plastic one, and looks gorgeous,” Mossberg reports.

“Like all current Macs, the new MacBooks come with Apple’s Leopard operating system, which I consider superior to Windows. But the new MacBooks can run Windows as well,” Mossberg reports.

“Apple’s new MacBook is a terrific choice for consumers and students, if you can handle the $1,299 price,” Mossberg concludes.

Full review – recommended – here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Citymark” for the heads up.]


  1. Now why the hell did he have trouble with the track pad? I used one in the Apple Store and it works just like the old track pad in that you can click at the front edge just like the old button. What is the big deal – maybe he is getting too old to review things? So hi major gripe is the price?

    Wow I am shocked that the main reason he can hardly recommend it is price.

  2. @ Mac Ed – Quite a few people care what he has to say – seriously. He’s a big Apple supporter, and when he questions certain things Apple-related, people do notice…

  3. Maybe Mac Ed, as you don’t like the serious stuff, would you prefer Uncle Walt said it in a … hysterically funny, thigh slapping kinda way, could suit the funny glasses and nose gag …

    Maybe Walt could do mystery version; with a suggestion of the dramatic and foreboding, undertones of Noir, add an angled Venetian blind shadow on the background, diss’ the low key-light and just bash in from the right an open faced, key-light controlling spill with doors and cutters.

    How about a more seraphic (not sapphic ☹) version. Bring the 3/4 kicker around and down, slip in some Lee HT 254 New Hampshire frost to create a soft liner on his left cheek, shoulder and arm. Key from 35∘cam left, slightly low with a Dedolight with softbox, Add a point 3 ND filter to camera, add a ProMist 1 filter to the lens, overexpose by a 1/4 stop and a slight crush on the black pedestal. Scatter pink, gold and powder blue soft furnishings in the background, subtly wash areas of the background in Lee 791 Moroccan Frost, introduce side highlights with Lee 798 Chrysalis Pink; Now, let Walt bust out with the lovey-dovey smooochyness of his lurrve report on the new MB.

    No! Ok, I’ll get me coat.

    @The Great Apple Fanboy Massacre

    Ha Ha Ha !!! “unsuspecting consumers”

  4. Sure, I recommend it heartily too…

    UNLESS you are interested in editing home movies, because without firewire you will have no way to get all those DV tape-based movies into the MacBook for editings.

    AND every one of the new USB and flash-memory or hard drive based HiDef video cameras cannot import directly into iMovie or Final Cut. The MacBook and the movie editiing programs cannot work directly with the HiDef video codecs, so you need to use the camera manufacturer’s proprietary program as a bridge…

    … and they drop frames and unsync the sound tracks.

    Every one of the dozen or so new cameras we tried in the last two months were marginal at best, but mostly simply didn’t work with iMovie or FCP.

    Don’t believe me. Try it for yourself… go purchase the latest flash based HiDef video camera of your choice, then take it to your local Apple store and say “Please show me how to edit this in iMovie”.

    Go ahead. Just make sure you can return the camera for a refund.

  5. Old Guy With A Beard tells the truth about the high definition and flash video cameras. They don’t work directly with iMovie and the codecs are unstable. This will probably change in the future but we’re looking at a year or so down the road.

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