Report: Microsoft willing to pay Mac enterprise bloggers to sell out Apple

“Vista is much better than Mac OS X, right? For the enterprise. And how much will it take to get you to write up that thesis? Such was the pitch that arrived in my inbox today from marketing company Studio B., a Great Neck, N.Y., marketing company associated with Microsoft and the Microsoft Press. The firm wondered if I’d like to write some ‘corporate custom content’ for a client,” David Morgenstern reports for ZDNet.

“It’s not too hard to figure out who the [client] is here. The price to sell out the Mac in the enterprise is $15,000. But my guess is that this fee may be negotiable upwards depending on the brand of the author in question,” Morgenstern reports.

“Can it be that the Mac and the iPhone are gaining enough traction in the enterprise to start ringing alarm bells in Redmond? It appears so,” Morgenstern reports.

“This letter reminded me of an unusual happening from earlier in the year. It was the hint of a whisper campaign against Apple in the enterprise,” Morgenstern reports. “This was where a friend of mine — an executive at a technology company who had never owned a Mac and whose company doesn’t support Apple hardware and never will — asked me about something he had heard about Apple: that while Apple products had great design, they were of poor quality.”

“Of course, this claim is nonsense. But suspicious nonsense. Marketing kinda nonsense,” Morgenstern reports. “The best candidate to receive the rumor would be someone who hasn’t used a Mac client machine. I can see how it may spread in in enterprise IT departments or within companies receiving pitches for technology adoptions where switchers are starting to be seen.”

Morgenstern reports, “It appears that rumors couldn’t stop the switcher tide. Now, they are looking for corporate custom content from trusted sources. Believe me, that won’t work either.”

Full article, with text from the email Morgenstern received, here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Daily Reader” for the heads up.]

Microsoft’s fear is palpable.


  1. In Related News

    Microsoft subsidary MicroChair announced 4th quarter earnings increases of 27% with a major percentage of the increase due to sales to the parent company who accounted for the marked increase in purchases due to “breakage”

  2. I know that the talking heads are clueless idiots. Are they now going to be openly on the take too!

    If you can manipulate Congress and the Senate with a little cash and perks for their family members. It would not take much to manipulate the idiots.

    Microsoft, try hiring some NEW programers with that cash and start from scratch.

  3. This would be funny if it were new or if it didn’t parallel typical unethical practices in the media. It’s been standard practice for a while. As a Microsoft leaked document on evangelism stated long ago, analysts are whores – that’s their business model. So I guess that makes Microsoft a big phucker who can’t get laid without shelling out $15K!

  4. Well this is not first report of this type of email nor will it be the last. Microsoft is seeing their Monopoly share shrinking and MS entire leverage thinking is without 95%+ of the market we can’t control it. Their fear is Apple will make it’s way into the enterprise is a big way. And Enterprise customers will start to see big cost savings. This will in turn spark more Macs and more Enterprises to switch.
    The switch to Mac will erode Exchange Server sales and will have a direct and overnight impact on .NET and ActiveX which can easily be replaced with Java Based systems which will be needed to support Mac Clients. Reduced demand for Windows Only Enterprise Applications is already occurring and large content management application companies are already shifting back away from Windows only solutions. The difference is this time they are dragging and pushing their partners to make their add-in offerings cross platform and in some case they’re ending long time partnerships when partners refuse to go cross platform.
    The writing is on the wall for the enterprises and it reads cross platform or IT Heads will roll from the top down.

  5. Ballmer: OK guys, how is Seven coming along?

    Team: Um.. Errr.. Well… Aahh… It’s sort of OK, but a bit more…

    B: More what?

    T: More, err… slow.

    B: SLOWWWWW?!? It’s SLOWER than Vi…Windows 6???

    T: Sorry boss. It’s bigger and does more but with this architecture there’s a price to pay..and that’s speed.

    B: Right then. Marketing. Boost the blogger slush fund. Throw another 200 mill at it. Right now. Bloggers, journalists whoever. Pay them all..

  6. And how much are you getting paid MDN, for your fanatical support of Apple? Huh?

    Oh, right. Nothing. We love Apple because it’s a great company (usually), that gives us great products (most of the time), and fights the status quo (almost always).

    True loyalty can’t be bought. It’s earned.

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