Houston Chronicle: Glossy LED-backlit display is a strength of Apple’s new MacBook Pro

“The new MacBook Pro is slightly thinner than its predecessor, but as soon as you touch it, you’ll notice that it feels as solid as a rock. That’s due to Apple’s groundbreaking precision unibody construction process, which mills the entire enclosure from a single solid block of aluminum. It’s completely smooth, totally seamless, and noticeably more rigid and durable than previous models, yet it weighs about the same, 5.5 pounds,” Bob Levitus reports for The Houston Chronicle.

“Another big change is that new MacBook Pros, along with all other Apple notebooks, now have ultrathin glossy LED-backlit displays. The new screen is thinner and brighter, and with its gorgeous, richly saturated colors and deep dark blacks, it may be the best-looking notebook display I’ve ever seen,” Levitus reports.

“Furthermore, LED backlighting is more energy- efficient than the previous cold cathode fluorescent lamp technology, which means better battery life. Finally, I was pleased to learn that these displays are both arsenic- and mercury-free, making them greener than ever,” Levitus reports.

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Chuckles the Microsoft CEO” for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Note: The results of our poll yesterday:

Should Apple offer customers a matte screen option for MacBook, MacBook Pro?
• 57% – Yes
• 36% – No
• 07% – Unsure
(1663 total votes)


  1. The beauty, quality and OS versatility of these new MacBooks will increase the 25% or 30% of students with Macs. As we get 30% to 50% of the graduates going to work with their Macs, how long will the Windows empire last?

    Glad to see it go!

  2. I say that Apple should offer on its web site, a matte screen –COVER for sale. That way if you want a Matte screen, you can just add $24.95 (Apple price) to the cost of your MacBook PRO and —- There you go. Matte screen. The battery is already replaceable so just pay and keep quiet. ( LOL ) ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />
    Just a thought.

  3. Jony: I say, Steve old chap, would you be so kind as to take a look at my latest MacBook designs.

    Steve: It’s got another friggin’ glossy screen Jony – I told you, I can see dip-shit in those things.

    Jony: Jolly good Steve, but look at that rather fetching glare it catches when the soft ambient light gently falls across its sleek mirror-like surface… it’ll look perfectly ‘must-have’ on the website.

    Steve: All I can see are the friggin windows… what with people loading Vista on these things… whatta we trying to sell ourselves as double-glazing company?

    Jony: But Steve, if i may draw your attention to how wonderfully clever I’ve been in concealing the iSight camera behind the glass so… you can’t see it!

    Steve: The iSight camera? Jeez, that thing’s a friggin’ gimmick – you know most people use it once or twice then never again! What about all our customers who use these machines day in day out for their work? Just put the friggin matte screen option back on for them so they can see what they’re doing!

    Jony: …err, I can’t do that Steve.

    Steve: Why the hell not?

    Jony: Ahem, the iSight wouldn’t work through a matte screen – you’d need a hole – and that would be thoroughly ruining my genius design just so those wretched people can see their work.

  4. NonBob, what you consider “well lit”, others consider “glaring”. Have you ever considered reducing the ambient light levels in your work pace so you can concentrate on the work you are attempting to do? Or asking your boss to give you that option? I’m not talking about “going dark”, here, just shutting off half to three-quarters of the tubes in each bank of lights.
    Old Guy, would you mind terribly giving me a couple of swings at that horse? I can understand why they might want to use the FireWire/no FireWire bit to differentiate the models, but … why? Wasn’t there something else they could use? Or, isn’t there a reasonable converter they could have provided? Now that they have introduced the model sans FireWire, in a fixed-form body, they will not be changing their minds. It’s a bit of a bitter pill we’ve been asked to swallow. Our choices are the MBP – a good, if expensive, option – or the slightly warmed over bottom of the line – not that there’s anything seriously wrong with that choice.

  5. Good plan ElderNorm… a simple purchase option nets Apple a few bucks and earns happy smiles from the matt folk.

    Personally I’m happy with a glossy, and I use Quark, Photoshop, iLife, and FCPE every day.

  6. Those poll results are a travesty. Why would somebody vote against an OPTION? It didn’t ask whether you personally prefer glossy over matte, it asked whether the OPTION should be available to us. Yet so many people voted against it? They should be ashamed of themselves.

    What kind of people enjoy having fewer options in life? Are you afraid your head will explode when choosing between the matte and glossy MacBook? Are you worried about Apple’s profit margins?

    I swear, if Steve ever decided to remove a row of keys from keyboards in order to save space, a lot of you monkeys would be relieved at the prospect of having fewer letters to choose from. Apple would be praised for easing the burden of complexity that is the English language.

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