Apple slams Microsoft, Windows Vista again with another new ‘Get a Mac’ ad (with video)

Apple has launched another volley in its assault on Microsoft and Windows Vista with a new “Get a Mac” TV commercial that has begin airing on U.S television networks this evening.

In Apple’s new “Bakes Sale” ad, Windows PC explains that Microsoft’s marketing guys are spending all the money on advertising Vista instead of actually fixing Vista, so he’s holding a bake sale with rather pricey cupcakes.

Apple Web Ad: Bake Sale

See the ad in higher quality and in various sizes via here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dennis G.” for the heads up.]

PC’s gonna have to sell a lot of cupcakes.


  1. When these ads began I was not too impressed. But, man on man are they really getting to me! (And I guess a lot of other people too.) Now I can’t wait to see the next ones.

    Keep it up Apple.

    PS. Take the poll about your favorite Get A Mac ad in the upper left corner.

  2. this one is great for the ‘take a bite’ and ‘now overpay me’ ending.

    that’s the real MSFT tax. You think its cheap until you are too far in. Ballmer wants to suck you dry.

  3. @Arnold Ziffel – agree with you. This ad was okay but not as clever as the Bean Counter ad. Does Apple still run similar Mac and PC ads outside of the US? I remember seeing a couple of British ads but with different actors. If the ads are being run outside the US, what’s the local view of the ads?


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