Ripit brings simplicity to Mac DVD ripping app

“With the introduction of Core Animation in Leopard, Mac applications have taken a leap to the next level of eye candy effects. The latest to follow this trend is Ripit, a DVD ripper that brings simplicity and a cool UI to the boring process of ripping a DVD,” Milind Alvares reports or Smoking Apples.

“‘With RipIt, we decided to take a new approach to both the UI design (keeping things simple) as well as the design of the actual Rip engine,’ explains Jason Allum, lead developer of Ripit,” Alvares reports. “‘RipIt works by emulating a DVD player, down to the instructions and registers. It follows the program of the disc, copying all of the nooks and crannies that are accessible to a player, and deftly skipping around the bits that are placed there precisely to confuse other, lesser rippers. We’ve integrated failure feedback mechanisms into RipIt, so that in the rare event that something does go wrong, you can report all of the information that our engineers will need to fix the problem.'”

“With the small footprint that this app takes up, the performance is nothing short of stunning. Ripit takes up just 21MB of RAM and uses up a maximum of 18% CPU on my Core Duo 2.0GHz iMac. A 6.7GB DVD took 25 minutes to complete,” Alvares reports.

“If DVD ripping means anything to you, I highly recommend giving Ripit a serious look. The smooth interface, the responsive attitude of the developers, and the features planned for the future may just make this little app the ultimate ripper for the Mac,” Alvares reports. “Ripit costs $18.99 for a single user license, and you can take it for a spin for seven days for free before you’re expected to spend the dough.”

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  1. Just purchased this over the weekend. It is fantastic.

    One thing no one mentions is that the file that it rips to is a one-click icon: that means when you click on it it opens in DVD Player and starts playing. With MTR ripped DVDs you had to navigate into the folder and grab the VIDEO_TS file and place that over the DVD Player icon. This alone makes this worth it.

    And since the developers state that they are working on a companion program or feature set to eventually rip to .mp4 AND have expressed a desire to make RipIt work with Blu-ray discs I can see this program developing quickly into something even greater.

    Gotta go. The mailman just brought a couple of ‘offerings’ to RipIt in red envelopes.

  2. The undeniable truth (sorry, Geezerbutz) is that “MacTheRipper” is no longer a viable option for backing up one’s DVD collection on the Mac. At least two recent releases cannot be archived with MTR at all (“Reservation Road” and “Leatherheads”), and he shows absolutely no willingness or ability to improve 3.0 (r14m) in a timely manner. (He’s going through a divorce or some such thing right now.) The MTR “donation” process is a complete horrorshow, and any criticism thereof will get your ass kicked into your shoulder blades on that forum.

    Thank heavens the Mac runs PC software, for “AnyDVD” has been a boon for all archivists.

  3. RipIt does not encode to MP4 — it “merely” transfers the DVD’s VIDEO_TS folder to your hard-drive. I emphasized “merely” because ARccOS is one protection scheme that will foil a simple drag-and-drop copy. Mac The Ripper 2.66 (the last free version) cannot cope with ARccOS, so at least RipIt has you covered if all you want to do is view the movie sans the original DVD.

    (The file created by RipIt is nothing more than a fancy “package” containing the VIDEO_TS folder.)

  4. While currently the application only rips the entire DVD, the Indy Hall Labs guys are going to implement an H264 ripper by early next year that will be much better than Handbrake. I hope what they say is true for Ripit is really an amazing application.

  5. What I have been looking for is an easy (elegant? lickable?) way to rip DVDs my grandson has to an external drive on his eMac, and then be able to click an icon to play that file.

    I have tried a few combinations, but too many steps and hassles.

    He is only 5 so it needs to have icons, not a list like iTunes (although it DOES have that new view….)

    Once this app rips to MPE4, it may be just what I need (to keep all those DVDs from getting scratched).

  6. One thing is a bit fishy here; SB dude has referred to it rather obliquely, but I have a feeling many others also tink it: what a great tool for ripping those Blockbuster and Netflix movies.

    People, this is the MAIN reason we now have such a DRM mess in Blu-ray. I completely support the concept of allowing ripping for putting your movies on your Apple-TV, iPod, iPhone and MacBook (rather than carrying discs when you want to watch them on your portable), stealing is still stealing. Unless you are buying DVDs from Netflix, you’re stealing when your rip that DVD for yourself to watch after your had already sent that movie back. Space-shifting is perfectly reasonable. Time-shifting a Netflix rental is violating both the letter, as well as the spirit of that ‘fair use’ law.

    And because of this rampant time- and space-shifting, it will be years before some DVD-Jon successor figures out how to decrypt Blu-ray discs, so that we can space-shift these as well. And it will also be a colossal hassle to re-write Leopart (or Snow Leopard) to allow it to control Blu-ray data stream, so that it wouldn’t be compromised from outside, while making sure it doesn’t turn Leopard into Vista.

    And Blu-ray media is even more sensitive to smudges, scratches, temperature shock and similar.

    Let’s keep this kind of noise down; we don’t need to provide more evidence for those who want rock-solid, ironclad DRM everywhere.

  7. I’m sure when you rent a movie from Blockbuster, you don’t let your wife or your kids watch it with you because they didn’t pay for it and that would be stealing. And I’m sure you’d sooner murder a stranger than loan it to a friend. But the rest of us don’t buy into the RIAA/MPAA’s version of “morality” so please keep your Ned Flanders style do-goodiness to yourself.

    In high school you were the Hall Monitor. Admit it.

  8. silly rabbit:

    Is there a problem? From under which rock have you crawled? You seem to have completely misunderstood everything written above.

    Whining: complaining about something (ex: whining about lack of FireWire in MB). Obviously, no whiners in this thread.

    My post above was reminding people that copying things that you don’t own is wrong, as well as against the law. Continuing to do so only causes heavier DRM, which, as we all know, is bad for all of us.

    silly rabit badly needs to get laid.

  9. I don’t know who is Ned Flanders or what’s a ‘Hall monitor’, but I shall assume it is some menial task, since your post seems to be taking a confrontational tone.

    It seems that Mondays seem to chase away intelligent people and bring out only high-schoolers. Too bad…

    For the sake of common sense: even the law (not to mention common sense) allows you to rent a movie and watch it with your family and friends. It is actually even written on the box, as well as on screen when you play the movie. If you bought a movie, much like any other copyrighted work, fair use clause even legally allows you to lend it to a friend. Again, at the risk of being extremely redundant, repetitive and obvious (which seems to be necessary with tonight’s crowd here), you are allowed all these; what you aren’t allowed to do is COPY THAT MOVIE for yourself or someone else if you have only rented it.

    Honestly, kids, you should be finishing your homework right now instead of wasting your schoolnight hours on internet boards.

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