New hard-hitting Apple ads go straight for Microsoft’s jugular (with video)

“The new Apple ‘Bean Counter’ ad goes straight for the Microsoft jugular, no messing about at all. Answering the question ‘you think that amount of money will fix Vista?’ the PC punch line is a resounding ‘no, you are right, I’ll put it all in advertising,'” Davey Winder reports for iTWire.

“It’s a very clever twist of the knife that builds on the less than successful promotion of Vista in the marketplace and amongst high profile customers,” Winder writes.

“While Microsoft attempts to imitate Apple and build a friendly, lifestyle image for the Windows brand, Apple gets straight to the point and demolishes Vista. The message is clear: fix Vista problems instead of employing distraction tactics,” Winder writes.

Winder writes, “All in all, Apple would appear to have poured water onto the whole Microsoft campaign, extinguishing any hope of lifting the Windows image that was the whole point of the expensive advertising exercise.”

Full article, which also discusses Apple’s “V Word” ad, here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Chuckles the Microsoft CEO” for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Note:

Apple Web Ad: Bean Counter

Direct link to video here.

Apple Web Ad: V Word

Direct link to video here.

See the ads in higher quality and in various sizes via here.


  1. Budgeting is one of the best yet, a nearly perfect response to those ridiculous MS commercials. MS spent all that money on those long, nonsensical ads, and in one simple 30 second spot, Apple just punched them in the face, again. Sweet…

  2. “Bean counter” has to be the most devastasting ad in the series ever. Interesting that its power comes from simply telling the truth: Microsoft is throwing money at Vista advertising instead of fixing the damn thing.

  3. t’s a great spot, but I wonder if they’re spending a little too much time “going negative” these days. The ads are all about Microsoft’s problems and not as much about Mac benefits. —jgarbers

    Some of the ads in this long-running series do focus on the shortcomings of Microsoft’s products, but others focus on the Mac’s strengths (the ability to run Windows, for instance). Besides, this ad campaign has been so stunningly successful that I don’t think anyone need worry that Apple is being too negative here. Anyway, Microsoft deserves it.

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