Apple blasts Microsoft, Windows Vista in two new ‘Get a Mac’ ads (with video)

Apple has begun airing two new “Get a Mac” TV commercials on U.S television networks that each blast Microsoft and their Windows Vista product.

Apple’s “Bean Counter” ad looks at how Microsoft plans to “fix” Vista (throw $300 million at advertising) while “V Word” has PC trying to bleep out every mention of the word “Vista.”

Apple Web Ad: Bean Counter

Direct link to video here.

Apple Web Ad: V Word

Direct link to video here.

See the ads in higher quality and in various sizes via here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz” and “Cubert” for the heads up.]

“How about spending $300 million to create an OS that isn’t a derivative, counterintuitive, bloated, spaghetti-coded mess?” – MacDailyNews Take, August 21, 2008


  1. As much as I am not a fan of Justin Long I think that he and Hodgman are great together and could be today’s equivalent of Abbot and Costello (at least thanks to the writers of the commercials)

  2. I’ve gotta tell you, the ‘Bean Counter’ ad is the best of these types of ads to date. I’ve never laughed and enjoyed these types of ads this much before. I thought to myself, great comeback Apple.

    I mean that is really and truly what M$ is doing, simply throwing advertising dollars at Vista’s problems rather than fixing it. Why do you think M$ is talking so much about Windows 7? In fact Steve Ballmer is recently quoted as saying, “[Windows 7], it’s Windows Vista, but a lot better.” M$ is not going to fix Vista, they are just going to sell Windows 7 to it’s sheep.

    However, the Mac switching momentum is not about to phase out. The new Macs are really going to shine with 64 bit Snow Leopard and the awesome performance superiority it will have over bloated Vista and Windows 7 a.k.a. Vista 2nd edition. 

  3. Microsoft doesn’t fix Windows because it is unfixable.
    They need to start from scratch and rewrite.
    They probably won’t do it.
    If they did, it would take 5 to 7 years for the first draft… too late.
    Apple will have a 128 bit enterprise grade file system (ZFS from Sun) starting with Snow Leopard.
    Game over.
    Apple will be bigger than Microsoft.
    The Tyrannosaurus is dying.

  4. The ‘bean counter’ ad is the funniest and sharpest of all the ‘Get a Mac’ ads so far.

    Glass workers are going to be very busy fixing all the broken windows (oops, a pun) in Mr. Ballmer’s office tomorrow.

  5. “[Windows 7], it’s Windows Vista, but a lot better.”

    Hard to imagine how MS could make Vista any worse.

    But this is the same MS that gave the world Windows ME, so I’m sure they’re capable.

  6. Very sharp ads. If M$ decreases their advertising, they lose. If they keep spending a ton on their advertising, they lose.

    They seem to try everything but make a good product.

  7. We all saw something like this happening after the MS’s “ads” with Billy G. and Seinfeld, now didn’t we?

    I think there are going to be a lot of toilets in Redmond stopped up with bricks this next week.

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