Why Apple can save its Christmas (and why HP and Dell might have it tough)

“Ahead of what’s almost certain to be a dismal holiday season, this story takes on special meaning for Apple (AAPL). The bear market is poised to maul PC sales during the most important time of year, when about half of all annual sales happen. Investors clearly expect things to get ugly -– before Monday’s market rally, they had slashed Apple’s market value to half its year-ago level on fears that the credit crisis will ruin Apple’s Christmas,” Jon Fortt writes for Fortune.

“But here’s the thing investors may be missing: Apple doesn’t have to outrun a bear market. It just has to outrun PC makers like Hewlett-Packard (HPQ) and Dell (DELL). And with a new line of laptops set to debut Tuesday, CEO Steve Jobs will argue that he’s already lacing up his running shoes,” Fortt writes.

“Can Apple really rescue its holiday season? The idea may not be as far-fetched as it sounds. Even in bad years, consumers still buy computers; they just buy fewer of them. In the horrible fourth quarter of 2000, for example, consumer PC sales dropped 3 percent – painful, but not disastrous,” Fortt writes. “This year, consumers seem likely to be excited about laptops that are thin and lightweight yet affordable.”

Fortt writes, “If thin and beautiful is in, that’s good news for Apple. Rumor has it that, thanks to new manufacturing methods, the latest crop of MacBook laptops will sport a smoother look practically unmarred by screws and seams. And analysts expect Apple will lower prices in a nod to tough economic times – entry-level MacBooks will cost as little as $800 or $900, nearly 20 percent less than the current prices.”

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  1. These theories seem to be based on the assumption that the entry-level new Alu-book will be below $900, which is a big IF. Some of these articles may be way off the mark in about two hours or so.

  2. so called analysts are getting a bit tiring to listen to. They pontificate on what Apple may or may not with prices and products, and it always seems to be in excess of what will actually happen, so after the announcement the stock tanks because of unmet “phony” expectations, and the parasites make their money on the sell orders, and then buy for their buddies. Shakespeare was wrong, the lawyers should come AFTER the stock brokers and analysts. They are the true parasites.

  3. If the recent rumours of no sub-1000 laptops, and no price drops, and no 17 inch model, and no matte screens, and lower chip speeds for the same price are true, there will be a lot of bitching after the event is over.

    Let’s hope there is something in there that dazzles as all that has been revealed so far is bad news.

  4. The iPods and the iPhone have all increased in capability and come down in price where they are just unbeatable by the competition. Its just a shame the same pricing goals aren’t set for the MacBook range.

    Give us an 10″ plastic MacBook with bugger-all ports/drive, 1 MB RAM, old keypad, hardwired battery and Intel 3100 integrated graphics for $800. Not for the Pros. Not for high end games. But a killer NetBook. A true internet-Book (iBook) for the new cloud generation.

    Should be:
    MacBook = NetBooks & home consumers
    MacBook Pro = High end pro users
    MBA = students and frequently mobile

  5. They have just gotta be joking!!!! £946 for the cheapest new shiny MacBook! Nine hundred and forty six quid!

    Ok, I know its really smart and that and its got hand gestures and all. Not cheap and tacky looking like the previous polycarbonate ones and there is a lot of extra power but, bu,t but ….

    Where is the appeal to existing FW video users then? FW on the scrap heap?

    Shame. I thought Apple were about to bid for a much larger market. This will dent Windows market share not one bit.

    Wahzzat? Of course I want one but £946 ….. jeez! I need £2300 for my EOS 5D Mk2 first then another £800 for a new HD Camcorder and my car is getting older and I will need a blue ray burner and a player and ….

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