‘Boot Camp’ for iPhone 3G: slum it with Windows Mobile on your iPhone?

Zach Epstein reports for The Boy Genius Report of a “brief interview from MyPhone 2008 [September 26-28, Las Vegas, Nevada) with a young Norweigan developer named Erik Kristiansen. While Kristiansen might not be the smoothest talker in Vegas, he has managed to put together quite a piece of software. As he explains in the video, he has essentially created bootcamp [sic] for the iPhone.”

Epstein reportsWhen the phone powers on, the user must select between booting OS X and Windows Mobile,” Epstein reports.

“Kristiansen is aiming to release his work to the public this coming January and it will be open source. Of course you shouldn’t expect to see this one hit the app store – only jailbroken iPhones need apply,” Epstein reports.

Direct link to video: http://5x5m.com/lp/277/windowsmobile.html

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]

Dude, you got a Dell Treo? What are you, stupid? Only Apple’s Macs iPhones run both Mac OS X and Windows!

OS-unlimited (Apple) beats OS-limited (Dell, HP, Toshiba, Sony, Palm, RIM, Nokia, etc.) every damn time.

(And, what odds would you place on Jessica Young and Erik Kristiansen hooking up? After all, what happens in Vegas…)

[UPDATE: 3:35pm EDT: The MyPhone 2008 site from whence this video – and others equally or more implausible – originated looks suspiciously like a sales tool for an app (SonicEmotion) for jailbroken iPhones. This video could be nothing more than a ruse.]


  1. this was worth watching for the report alone, she’s bangin!!!. She was hinting she was a gold digger asking if he had a gf so she can be the first to slip into his millions that he will get for this program.

  2. So wrong on so many levels…
    But I have to ask myself ‘Why?’ It seems more like a challenge than anything else. Who in their right mind will install Windows Mobile on their iPhone? I won’t, hell no. But the presenter is right, all the top ‘hackers’ are from Norway. DVDJon for one…

  3. This is quite an accomplishment for this developer and I applaud his efforts, however, I hope he doesn’t plan on retiring on the money he will get from all 3 people who will buy it.

  4. “And, what odds would you place on Jessica Young and Erik Kristiansen hooking up? After all, what happens in Vegas…”

    Or, this guy and the interviewer, Zach Epstein. You never know about those crazy Norwegians.

  5. “are there Windows Mobile viruses?”

    “McAfee said last week that it has detected over 200 mobile viruses and warned that mobile pests are outgrowing those targeting PCs.

    Worms for Windows Mobile are still relatively rare, however. The first virus for Microsoft’s mobile operating system dates back to July 2004, and a search on Symantec’s Security Response website turned up only a handful of viruses for the platform.”

    (vnunet.com, 28 Feb 2006)

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