Those who dump Microsoft Windows for Apple Macintosh are inevitably happier

“Maybe it’s because I’m a tech guy, but everyone in my orbit who makes ‘The Big Switch’ always seems to tell me about it first. Voice low, eyes wide, they confess to buying an Apple the way one admits to robbing a liquor store, or running off with another woman: Having loved their sleek and functional iPods and iPhones for years, they finally broke down and crossed all the way over to the Dark Side. And yes, they are inevitably happier as a result,” Marc Stephens writes for The Biscayne Times.

MacDailyNews Take: The Dark Side is Microsoft, Mr. Tech Guy. Those people finally crossed over into the light, took the red pill, woke up and finally bought themselves Macs.

“And it’s not hard to see why. Both the iPod and iPhone remain the gold standard in personal-service hardware — two near-miraculous pieces of machinery, as practical and well-designed as they are addictive,” Stephens writes. “Who wouldn’t be tempted to thrust their daily computing chores into the 21st Century at long last, and with the same company that made music and communication so much fun?”

“But first the downside… most people who switch from PC to Mac must also learn to navigate the inevitable ‘two-timing’ challenge. Unlike longtime Apple owners, a PC user also faces the irreducibly backbreaking chore known as ‘migration’ — i.e., relocating all of your resident programs, games, and vital work processes to a new and different computing platform. Laziness and/or technical difficulties often follow, so that in many cases this transformation is never fully realized, leaving our poor idealistic Mac owner with a shameful PC crutch sitting back home in his den — not to mention the massive headache of switching back and forth from machine to machine, depending upon the task at hand,” Stephens writes.

MacDailyNews Take: It’s not as hard as Stephens makes it out to be. In fact, the easiest way is to let Apple do it. If you buy a Mac at an Apple Retail Store and bring in your old Mac or PC, a Genius can move all your files for you. For free. Or you can use a USB or FireWire hard drive or a local network to transfer photos, music, documents, and more. Learn how to move data (files) from a Windows PC to Macintosh computer here.

Stephens continues, “The general Microsoft Windows graphic interface was likely lifted from the Macintosh decades ago anyhow, and for all the MS-Windows iterations since that time, the Mac operating system still enjoys a well-deserved reputation for stability and dependability far beyond that of XP. Besides, if it is Windows interoperability you want, the Mac operating system now comes preloaded with Apple’s “Boot Camp,” a built-in Windows interface that allows all Microsoft-related software to run locally, as if it were resident on a genuine PC.”

MacDailyNews Take: Not exactly. You still need a copy of whatever version of Windows you plan to slum with on your Mac. Boot Camp comes with every new Mac, and it lets you run Windows natively — as if your Mac were a crappy PC. If you want to run Mac OS X and Windows side by side, you can purchase Parallels Desktop for Mac or VMware Fusion. Install one of these applications, along with the Windows Installation CDs, and you can slum it with Windows programs right next to your Mac applications, without having to restart.

Stephens continues, “I’ll leave you with just one final question: Have you ever seen an Apple store empty? Me neither.”

Full article, which contains even more disinformation, but with an overall positive tone towards Mac switching despite it all, here.


  1. …Have you ever seen an Apple store empty?

    Me neither; and I’ve been to the Fifth Avenue store at all imaginable hours (including 2, 4, 5 AM, on weekends, as well as weekdays). I think it is safe to say that there wasn’t a single moment, since the store opened, that there weren’t at least two people, who aren’t employees, in the store. Even in the middle of the night.

    I once counted people coming out of that store on an average weekend afternoon. One in five were leaving carrying a white bag with grey apple logo. Approximately 4 – 6 per minute. Obviously, not all of these purchases are iPods (not to mention MacBooks Pro), but many are. It’s a river of people.

  2. Re: Parallels Transporter

    Just beware, as of around 2 weeks ago, Transporter didn’t support XP SP 3… I was unable to transport one of the machines here using it as a result.

    I imagine that’ll change soon enough, likely along with the next Parallels release.

  3. The two Apple store in my area are always full. I applied for a part-time job to an Apple store earlier in the year and the numbers for people going in and out the store were insane! It was in the hundreds of thousands.

  4. Maybe it’s because I am a übergeek, but my personal transition to the MacBook from a Windows computer was far easier, streamlined, and satisfying than any earlier transfer I made from one Windows machine to another Windows machine.

  5. Stephens says: “Quite a persuasive demonstration of varying market approaches, given that Apple is still a monopoly while the PC has been “open-source” for nearly three decades!”

    I would advice checking the dictionary for monopoly. Apple does not fit the bill; Microsoft does.

  6. Other than his endorsement of purchasing the Mac, this guy is clearly an IDIOT when it comes to tech. There are SO MANY inaccuracies and misstatements in this article that it’s not even worth categorizing. To top it off, he misuses NON-tech terms as well, like “monopoly”!!

  7. The headline is so true. I’ve helped switch two people in the last year, the last being my father. He is totally in love with his mini and iWork. Just last night I gave him an intro on how to rip his CDs with iTunes. Suffice it to say, he could not stop saying how much he liked it. I’ve never seen him this animated or attached to a computer.

    I have one more conversion to make come the 18th of October. I’ll have to see if they want one of the new macbooks or a mini, but I’m sure they’ll love their purchase. Everyone so far has been.

    Oh, none of the ones I’ve switch are techs and none of them want windows on their Macs. It’s just lovely. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  8. I switched from a PC to a Mac laster October. And I can tell you that I am only disappointed that I didn’t switch sooner when Tiger was available. My Mac is sooooo enjoyable and cool. Although I run Windows using Parallels, I only fire it up to run a few Windows only programs. Everything else is done on the Mac side. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

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