RUMOR: Next-gen Macbook-Macbook Pro price range to $799-$3000+

Duncan RIley reports for The Inquisitr, “Some Apple retailers in the United States have been given price lists for a new Apple laptop line, and there’s a big surprise: an $800 laptop. The information comes from a source we would categorize as reliable, would have access to such information, and who has been accurate in the past.”

“According to the source, Apple retail stores have been given price sheets that list 12 price points for the new range, with prices between $800-$3100. Current lines only have 8 price points, 3 Macbooks starting at $1099, 3 Macbook Pros and 2 Macbook Airs. According to the source, retail outlets usually get the price lists 10 days before products hit the market,” Riley reports. “Technical specs for the new laptops were not included on the price sheet.”

Full article here.

[Attribution: MacBlogz. Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Frank T.” for the heads up.]


  1. “According to the source, retail outlets usually get the price lists 10 days before products hit the market,”

    that’s a lie, the shops NEVER get the prices in advance, it never happened before (not since the late 80’s), and is not happening now.

  2. $3k seems pretty steep. I know there are some Windoze laptops at about that price point… primarily gaming machines. Frankly, unless there is a specific market… a price like that only helps the argument that Macs are more expensive. People will point to that laptop, not the lower priced ones.

    Who would be the target for a high end laptop? Mobile video editing?

  3. That is the price of the higher spec Mac Mini ($799) and would translate to £499 in the UK (which is how the same Mac Mini is priced in the UK).

    I can think of a few people that would buy this in an instant, and I would start saving the day it was launched (having an iMac, I couldn’t justify a second mac immediately).

  4. 3k is the SSD/Nvidia price for Final Cut types.
    A thin DVD-less 10″ laptop really appeals to both me and my wife. Our Macbook has been used so very much along with our little iPod Touch for couch surfing, etc., but a device that splits the middle of these two would be used even more.
    Welcome to the world of ultra-mobile…I hope Apple makes last years Macbook look and feel like a tank. Students would eat it up and yes, a few choices of color is important.

  5. i hope the 800 model doesn’t come with a combodrive! otherwise the right strategy at the right time. netbooks are becoming very popular at least here in germany. good, that apple reacts to that threat (that the price-differnce between the average windows-laptop and an apple-laptop becomes too big) accordingly. i really hope it’s true. and i hope el jobso is delivering the new laptops in a stevenote otherwise the health-rumor will raise its ugly head again.

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