RUMOR: Leaked photos reveal more details of Apple’s next-gen MacBook Pro

“A photo originating on a Chinese website and making the rounds on the Web [Wednesday] afternoon resembles descriptions of Apple’s next-generation MacBook Pro, which is expected share design similarities with the company’s MacBook Air and aluminum iMacs,” AppleInsider reports.

“The photo depicts what could be the left-hand side of a 15- or 17-inch MacBook Pro with a new speaker grill design and keyboard cutout that matches the one already employed by the company’s 13-inch MacBook Air,” AppleInsider reports.

“The port layout of the notebook shown in the photo also matches changes outlined in AppleInsider report from a couple of weeks ago, which noted both the FireWire 400 port and 28-pin DVI-I (Dual Link) port both appeared to be missing on the next-generation MacBook Pro, with the latter being replaced with what appeared to be a mini-DVI port,” AppleInsider reports.

Full article, with larger photo, here.

MacRumors also has more photos of a similar case here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “GizmoDan” for the heads up.]


  1. why is it that whenever we get a “spy photo” its usually just one corner of the object being photographed? is it really THAT HARD to zoom out a little bit and take in the whole thing???

  2. Because the photo only shows a small area I say it’s a total fake.

    Anyone can take apart their macbook and take a blured photo of one of the components.

    It amazes me how hard it is these days for people to take a photo, you would have thought with all the advanced digital technology and image stabilisation software used as standard in cameras – invluding budget ones (and even in mobile phones!) that even a 2 year old coluld take a photo that isnt blurred.

    Because of this I say its TOTALLY FAKE.

  3. I have a MacBook Pro and I don’t care about a change to mini DVI or Firewire ports. I want to know the CPU / GPU and bus speeds. With a 7200 hard disk I can virtualize Windows XP just fine for Software Development.

  4. @MacLovin

    Whether you’re snapping photos of Loch Ness or a new Mac those things are fast as heck love shadows. You can never get a good shot with decent lighting. Even if you do, the film will end up ruined and blur the evidence. :sigh:

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