QuickerTek intros new Juicz External Battery/Charger for Apple MacBook Pro models

QuickerTek has announced the Apple Juicz External Battery/Charger for the 15 and 17 Inch MacBook Pro. This new product gives users up to 10 additional hours of computing power.

This product is an logical extension of QuickerTek’s first MacBook Air External Battery/Charger, gives MacBook Pro users more flexibility in how and when they choose to use their computers. A total of 8 to 10 additional hours of battery power and uses the MagSafe adapter which is included in the kit.

The Apple Juicz External Battery/Charger recharges in only three hours, while the stock MacBook Pro battery recharges in five hours.

• Physical: 9 x 6 x 1 inches
• Weight: 5 pounds
• Battery: Li-ion Polymer

The Apple Juicz External Battery/Charger will be available in three weeks. Pre-orders are being taken through the webstore. Like most QuickerTek products, the Apple Juicz External Battery/Charger for the 15-17 inch MacBook Pro is backed with a one-year warranty on parts and labor.

More info about QuickerTek’s Apple Juicz External Battery/Charger (US$449.95) here.


  1. My first thought – sounds great, second thought – must be a catch…

    Holly crap… they obviously don’t want to sell many more than 10 globally. There’ll be just one production run of these then.

    A good idea turned bad so quickly it must be a joke…

  2. “MacMall has spare batteries for $128.00. Easy enough to carry a second battery.”

    But look at the Juicz External Battery/Charger. It’s just gorgeous, sexy, and so elegant. Who cares what it costs. I hope they do a cool commercial for it!!! I plan to buy a new $3100 MacBook Pro and a Juicz External Battery/Charger. I hope they eliminate the DVD drive and offer an external Combo one for a couple of hundred bucks. And Steve needs to offer 4 Gig a RAM for the new MacBook Pro for 6-700 Dollars! What a deal! The back of this thing looks better than the front of the other guys (Hahahahahahahahaha).

    I’m skating to where the puck is going to be! Anyone who disagrees needs to go buy a junky Dell…

  3. For normal Mac users like myself this would seem excessive but for photographers on a remote shoot or moviemakers doing editing on location, this product pays for itself the first time it is used.

  4. @ Gil

    For photographers on a remote shoot, whatever they are using to power their strobes are available. I have a DC/AC inverter for my car to keep my Macbook Pro and iPhone full.

    Certainly on a movie shoot, power sources are not an issue.

    For the same amount of money, you can but 3 extra batteries. Or there is NewerTechs charger which is only $149 and that lets you buy an additional 2 spares. Mind you, I have always had a spare, and invariably, I have to remind myself to use and recharge it.

    What I can’t fathom is why the extra wiring. Seems to me that it should be a lot simpler. http://www.quickertek.com/products/macbook_pro_charger.php

    Also, consider the specs:
    Macbook Pro Battery Wt: 2 lb Dimensions: 5.5″ X 4.25″ X 0.625″
    QuickerTek Charger Wt: 5 lbs Dimensions: 9″ X6″ X 1″

    Barn External Battery Charger $80 http://store.jcbarn.com/exbachsforap.html
    Universal Car Adapter $27 http://www.laptopsforless.com/laptop-accessories/dc-ac-power-inverter/

  5. The funny thing is even though this is very ridiculous in price.. it will sell. Sure you can buy a spare battery for $128 but it sure doesn’t last for 8 to 10 hours.. its just an additional battery that lasts as long as the original one does and sometimes an hour more. To some $450 wont mean much to them for the amount of hours they will get.

  6. Sorry, you folks who have never traveled on long flights, clearly don’t understand. A second battery is not the same. Neither are car inverters. jtc gets it right. When you’re in a place without AC for more than 5-6 hours, this sort of thing is a godsend. And in fact, from an inflation perspective, it is cheaper than such things used to be. And worth every penny.

  7. @ cogitoergomac & jtc

    Just got back from another trip to China. Power available all the way there, there and back. One spare was more than enough, 2 would have been overkill. Must admit though, with the new pods, not many of us did much processing. More like eating and watching movies, but mostly sleeping. On land, just plugged in my inverter bring the charge up when necessary. Every car had a cigarette lighter.

    Note that the manufacturer says that you get 12 to 16 total hours of battery life with their product. And “…that’s 6 to 10 extra hours…” Simple math would suggest that they are assuming that the Macbook Pro battery delivers 6 hours. Perhaps it does using it to listen to music as Apple has said.

    Question: Under regular use, I get about 4 hours on my Macbook Pro now. Does that mean I should expect 4 to 8 hours more?

    But hey, to each his own. Right now, I would suggest that a mini cigarette lighter inverter is not only a more convenient extra, but a heck of lot smaller and 5 pounds lighter. I would rather take the $550 and put it down on a new Macbook Pro.

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