Apple’s next-gen MacBooks may start at $899; mystery product transition remains unknown

Piper Jaffray senior analyst Gene Munster now estimates that the new MacBook models “may dip as low as $899,” Electronista reports. “This will reportedly come despite apparent moves to more upscale components, including a switch to aluminum; Munster anticipates a multi-touch trackpad similar to those given to the Air and Pro.”

“A price cut to $1,899 is considered possible [for the MacBook Pro] and may be accompanied by a more advanced trackpad,” Electronista reports. “The MacBook Air is also predicted to get a minor update, though Munster rules out the likelihood of a tablet or otherwise touchscreen-enabled Mac for the gathering.”

Electronista reports, “It’s also unknown whether the company has yet to reveal its mystery product transition that will lower the company’s margins; some have asserted that the reference applies to the $229 iPod touch, though Apple has never confirmed this.”

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MacDailyNews Note: Apple earlier today confirmed a special media event promising, “The spotlight turns to notebooks,” which scheduled for Tuesday, October 14th at 10am PDT/ 1pm EDT.

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  1. I think Apple’s “mystery product transition” will be something that won’t show up until MacWorld ’09.

    A commentary on another site postulated that a $899 notebook would likely spell the end of the Mac Mini and this got me to thinking. Maybe the “brick” is a new device… a replacement for (and combination of) the Mac Mini and AppleTV.

    This would be a Mac that lets you to surf the net, send email, and all that non-work, casual home computing activity you do at home… all in the comfort of your living/family room… as well as streaming your entertainment media, and letting you rent TV shows and movies from iTunes. Like the iPhone it might have its own highly-optimized, specific version of OS X, and like a MacBook Air it might come without a built-in optical drive, relying on an internet/wireless connection for OS updates.

    An Apple HTPC.

    I wish.

  2. “Throw in Tivo functionality ad they could call it an Apple Media Center PC.”

    For a number of reasons related to Apple’s connections to the TV/movie entertainment industry (as many others have posted), it’s unlikely Apple will ever release a Mac/Apple home theater device with Tivo/DVR functionality.

    Not gonna happen.

    Of course, when all the rumors said Apple was going to release a MP3 player, I thought it would never happen… and when Apple did unveil the iPod, I predicted it would flop big time. So what do I know?

  3. “it’s unlikely Apple will ever release a Mac/Apple home theater device with Tivo/DVR functionality. Not gonna happen.”

    Then it’s unlikely that Apple will ever take over the living room, selling devices that do less than what the competition does.

    When will people get that customers want to record shows for free, or rent all the physical media they want from netflix for $14.95/mo or pay $8.99 for unlimited streaming rather than buy or rent at iTunes inflated prices. Currently Apple TV supports neither option.

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