Apple soon to open its first retail store in Germany (on Rosenstrasse in Munich)

“Swiss Mac website, MacPrime, has uncovered evidence indicating that Apple will open its first retail store in Germany in the coming weeks,” Andy Space reports for 9 to 5 Mac.

“Situated in Munich on Rosenstrasse [Rose Street] (Berlin’s equivalent is the subject of an award-winning German film), little is known about the store so far, but we can speculate it will offer Apple’s 21st-Century design aesthetic, be staffed by enthusiastic Mac users from across Germany, and will likely be run by a US-trained manager. Otherwise, it’s all simple speculation,” Space reports.

“MacPrime adds that the constuction plans for the site have been public since last month, though Apple hasn’t yet published any information pertaining to its new shop on its retails site,” Space reports.

Full article here.

ifoAppleStore reports, “Construction on the building that will house the future Munich (Germany) retail store has continued through the summer, and its façade is now complete. The building at Rosenstrasse 1 has a series of upper-floor windows, with a large, steel-framed opening on the ground level that reveals Apple’s design–a glass storefront that allows a view of both retail levels.”

Full article, with photos, here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Ellen” for the heads up.]


  1. A bit late getting started and maybe not the first choice for a way to spend a wad of cash, and cache, in the current climate, but it may well work out. I’m sure the Germans will finally feel a bit of love and add their Euros to Apple’s cache of cash.

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